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Freelancing with Fiverr: a sweet way to earn $$$

Did you know that there’s a way to make nearly unlimited income using internet-based skills while setting your own hours? File this one under “things I wish I’d known when I was traveling.”

When COVID-19 forced me to establish a home base for the first time in four years and seven months (but who’s counting?), I started interviewing for 9-5 jobs. Actually, some of those were WAY more than 9-5, included working on Saturdays, and face-to-face contact in the midst of a pandemic. No. Thank. You. 

Note: This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on them, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! 

While interviewing and becoming more and more dejected at my prospects, I set up an account on Fiverr. Fiverr allows you to hire freelance workers in practically any field. (In fact, a graphic designer on Fiverr created some of the designs for the t-shirts I sell!)

It had never occurred to me that I could help others through copywriting services. (Note: I do copywriting– that is blog posts, articles, web copy, product descriptions, and more– not copyrighting. I am so not a copyright lawyer.) But a whole lot of things hadn’t occurred to me prior to 2020, and I found myself setting up my page on Fiverr. I’ll take you through the process in case you’re interested in setting up a freelancing gig on Fiverr, too. 

How to start a freelancing career with Fiverr

Set up your account on Fiverr

First things first, sign up for a Fiverr account. If you don’t have one already, use this link for 20% off your first order on Fiverr as a buyer. 

Choose “Become a Seller”

Once you have an account, choose the become a seller option to get started. 

Set up your profile

When you know what you’ll be selling, it’s time to do some market research! Check out your competitors. What kind of photo are they using? What is included in their bio? How do they price their services? Use the pros to inspire a profile that will stand out above the crowd! 

Create a new gig

What skill earns you the most praise? If friends come to you for advice or you frequently hear “I wish I could ____ as well as you,” it’s time to monetize! I started with two gigs: copywriting and social media. It turned out that my copywriting took off a whole lot faster, and now most of my social media opportunities come through my copywriting gig

Make sure your gigs are clear, compelling, and keyword-rich, and price them fairly. You shouldn’t be the cheapest or the most expensive freelancer on the site if you want to get great offers. 

Fiverr seller profile

Be selective with the work you accept

This is something I learned the hard way. In the beginning, I accepted every job that came my way. I completed 23 orders my first month as a seller and earned $803. That averages out to about $35 per order. 

As time went on, I began honing my selection criteria– I accept lower-paying jobs only if I know I can complete them without spending too much time researching. In freelancing, time is money, and I’d much rather work on higher-paying jobs. Just 2 months after I started, I earned over $1,000 for completing nine jobs. 

Deliver great work

No matter which jobs you accept– always do a great job. Ask lots of questions before accepting so you can be sure to deliver the best possible results. A few questions I ask:

  • Is there a competitor whose tone/style you like?
  • What is your target word count?
  • Do you have a current website?

The more information you have, the better equipped you are to provide excellent work the first time. 

Ask for reviews

You’re not allowed to ask for 5-star reviews, but I make sure to ask for reviews after every order– this boosts your rankings as a seller and earns the trust of future clients. Here’s the message I send every client when I deliver their order: 

Thank you for trusting me with this order! Please let me know if you’d like me to add/remove/ modify anything. I want you to be 100% happy.

If you’re happy with this version, I’d appreciate it if you would please accept this work as delivered and leave a review.

Thank you for the opportunity to work together and I hope to work with you again soon!

Fiverr reviews

Here’s why I love Fiverr

Sure, I’ve contemplated starting my own copywriting business. But with Fiverr:

  • I can turn on and off my gig whenever I want. I took a 6-day weekend recently for my trip to Kemah, and I didn’t have to monitor my gig like I would my own copywriting business.
  • If an opportunity isn’t a good fit for me, there are over 2,000 other copywriters for clients to choose from, so I don’t feel like I’ve let anyone down.
  • And best of all, clients come to me instead of me having to go out and drum up business. 

I’ve worked on some really fun projects, and have made strong relationships with my returning clients. In fact, if you play Papa’s Quiz on Apple TV, you’ll see my name listed in the credits as one of the trivia authors!

Eventually, I stopped interviewing for other jobs. Within just a few months, my gig was popular enough that I didn’t *have* to get another job and I was earning more through my writing than I did pre-pandemic. Most months, I’ll only turn my gig on for 3-4 days since my returning clients keep me busy! 

I love this blog and the opportunities it has afforded me over the years, and I’m so thankful to each and every one of you who reads regularly. Now that travel is on the back-burner, I love that I have the chance to work with clients from around the world while I build up my savings for future explorations. According to Fiverr’s analytics, I’ve worked with clients from 9% of the countries in the world! And the gigs are even more varied than the countries. I’ve worked on jewelry product descriptions, a fitness social media account, a crystal healing promotion, blog posts for a wedding venue, and so so many more!

I’m looking forward to what’s next with Fiverr– and what that means for my future travel plans! If you’re looking for a professional freelance copywriter with more than a decade of marketing experience, I’d love to work together. Just click this link and send me a message! 

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Monday 18th of October 2021

Hi, Do you know if you can work on Fiverr with any nationality and from anywhere in the World?


Monday 25th of October 2021

As far as I understand, yes! Through my work, I've written for people in 10% of the countries in the world!