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#hotelfriends: The quirkiest hotel in Düsseldorf, Germany

I’m an 80s baby, but when I walked into the lobby of #hotelfriends in Downtown Düsseldorf I felt transported back to the 1970s. My eyes were wide as I took in the cool, quirky, colorful decorations so unlike the ‘all business’ exterior of this hotel near the Düsseldorf train station.

At check-in, I was given a key to my room on the 6th floor. The key indicated that I had scored a #Loft room, the top category at #hotelfriends. I carried my luggage to the purple tartan elevator and began the journey to the top floor.

Every room at #hotelfriends is different. From Harry Potter to James Bond to the Hamptons, no two rooms are exactly alike. When I turned the old-fashioned key in the lock, I understood exactly why my room was entitled #Schuldirektor… it’s definitely a room fit for a boss.

The #schuldirektor Loft

The unique #schuldirektor touches span the entire room. The globe lamp, antique typewriter, camera and radio make me think this particular headmaster was a traveler.

The decadence and special touches don’t end there. I felt completely pampered with Rituals toiletries. I especially loved the Rituals of Hammam shampoo and shower gel that transported me back to a recent two week trip to Morocco!

Rituals products at #hotelfriends Düsseldorf

And the shower is unlike any I’ve ever seen before! This is the bicycle-built-for-two of showers, with two rain shower heads and two handheld shower heads. And its location in the seating area of the room makes the shower feel just a bit more special and luxurious than most.

HotelFriends Schuldirektor Düsseldorf bathroom

Photo Credit: #hotelfriends

After a nice hot shower, I donned a fluffy robe and slippers and headed for the comfiest king bed. I drowned in pillows and the downy duvet. The heater is high-powered, but just in case, there’s a hot water bottle to cuddle on chilly evenings.

#hotelfriends Schuldirektor Düsseldorf

This bed was my favorite spot to curl up and get work done with the hotel’s fast, free wifi. Prefer to relax and be entertained? There’s an XL flat screen TV.

Large windows span the entire room, giving a panoramic view of Düsseldorf. Out on the balcony, safari style chairs are the perfect way to relax. Even on a chilly January day, the sunshine makes these chairs a comfy place to sit with a cup of coffee to start the day. There’s a Nespresso machine and tea bags inside for the caffeine hit.

Balcony seating at #hotelfriends Düsseldorf Schuldirektor room

Breakfast at #Pausenbrot

My bed was so comfy I almost slept through breakfast, but I’m glad I pulled myself away from the warm, comfort of my room. Breakfast at #Pausenbrot (which is the bread or sandwich kids take to school to eat during their breakfast or lunch break) offered a huge variety. I stayed for three nights and made it my mission to taste something new every day.

#hotelfriends Düsseldorf breakfast

I loved the salmon, cold cuts and cheese with bread. And the real honeycomb was a sweet addition to a mini croissant. Sausage, bacon and scrambled eggs were a real surprise- I’ve been missing crispy American bacon!

#hotelfriends Düsseldorf Pausenbrot

In the theme of nostalgia, I experienced my own blast from the past with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and chocolatey cereal. And I started a new tradition with a schokokuss (chocolate kiss), a chocolate-coated marshmallow teacake. That’s my kinda morning kiss!

Each day, breakfast was accompanied by fresh fruit juice and a mocha from the coffee machine using beans from Rösterei VIER. (The roastery in Düsseldorf’s Altstadt made my list of top 20 foodie experiences in Düsseldorf!) There’s an incredible selection of tea as well, but when the choice is between tea or chocolate, is there really any competition?

#hotelfriends Düsseldorf Coffee

Exploring #hotelfriends

A good breakfast is the perfect way to start the day before exploring the city of Düsseldorf. But first, take a look around the hotel for a walk down memory lane or a trip in a time machine depending on your age.

#hotelfriends Düsseldorf Reception #hotelfriends Düsseldorf Sporthalle #hotelfriends Düsseldorf chalkboard #hotelfriends Düsseldorf 1970s school decorations

Quirky and unique rooms at #hotelfriends

At #hotelfriends, every room is unique. From bookworms to fashionistas to theater geeks, there’s a room for you here among friends. Here are a few of the quirkiest rooms at the hotel.

The Hamptons

Stay in the Hamptons at Hotel Friends Dusseldorf

Photo Credit: #hotelfriends

Harry Potter

Decorations in Harry Potter Room at HotelFriends

Photo Credit: #hotelfriends

Harry Potter Room at HotelFriends

Photo Credit: #hotelfriends


Theater room at HotelFriends Düsseldorf

Photo Credit: #hotelfriends

Franco Stork

Franco Stork room at Hotel_Friends Düsseldorf

Photo Credit: #hotelfriends

When I checked out of #hotelfriends, I felt a bit like Alice coming out of Wonderland and back to reality. I miss the friendly staff, the colorful surroundings and the creative and comfortable room that was my home away from home for three days in Düsseldorf.

Book your stay at #hotelfriends here.

Note: I was hosted at #hotelfriends, but all opinions are my own and I’d never recommend anything to you that’s not awesome!

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#hotelfriends: the quirkiest hotel in Düsseldorf, Germany


Saturday 16th of February 2019

Well, I know where I'll be staying next time I'm in Dusseldorf! I am in love with that Harry Potter room and all the pretty bags at the reception desk. Thanks for the recommendation :)


Saturday 16th of February 2019

I'm in love with it, too! It definitely felt like a hotel designed by travelers :)