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Tribe Perth: A hotel for millennials

When looking for ones’ tribe, we search for those most like us. Those with similar values, desires and goals. It’s no surprise that I found my tribe at the aptly-named Tribe Hotel in Perth. This hotel is turning traditional hotel etiquette on its head, providing all the things millennials desire while traveling and leaving behind all those costly extras we don’t. Gone are the bell hops, concierges and trouser presses. What’s left is only what you need.

Upon arrival into Perth, there are multiple options for airport transfers. Check out Link Airport Perth for a private, luxury transfer that will take you straight to Tribe Perth. Upon check-in, the friendly front desk team will give you your key and any information you need to make your stay as perfect as possible.

Tribe Perth bathrobe

The Room

The rooms at Tribe are compact and container style. From the cutouts at the end of the bed and on either side to hold luggage, every inch of the room has a purpose.

Tribe Perth under bed storageTribe has said goodbye to the fancy extras like overpriced mini bars and in their place are things you can actually use. Who could say no to complimentary Nespresso pods, T2 packets and a mini fridge with free water and space to store what you want? If you’re looking for recommendations, may I suggest a package or two of Gelato Messina Turkish Delight Tim Tams or a nice bottle of wine from the Swan Valley?

Tribe Perth T2 and Nespresso pods

One wall of every room is floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city or the park. My room overlooked the West Perth city skyline, and let in the most incredible morning light. After 27 hours of flying and 10 hours of sleep, that light was the best way to wake up!

Tribe Perth sunrise

Just because Tribe has embraced the simplicity that resonates with travelers, doesn’t mean they’re not here to pamper guests. In all my years of traveling, Tribe is the first and only hotel to offer a line of products that left my hair feeling nice and looking shiny. The Kevin Murphy amenities smelled delicious and were actually a great product… not some cheap, made-for-hotel substitute.

Tribe Perth Kevin Murphy toiletries

Common Spaces

The sense of community fostered between solo travelers is one thing I love about staying in hostels. When people choose a hotel, it’s unlikely that they’ll see another guest aside from in the elevator. Not so at Tribe. This hotel was designed with an equal focus between bedrooms and breakout spaces. The common spaces make this hotel feel more like home, with comfy and communal seating. Every time I visited the lobby, people were huddled on the plush, teal couch, bent over computers at the shared high-top table or chatting over cups of tea on the pink velvet chairs.

Tribe Perth common area teal couch

With free, unlimited WiFi, this is the perfect workspace for business travelers or digital nomads.

And if you’re trying to get away from work? There’s a collection of books in the common spaces to borrow. Or go high-tech with complimentary access to 4,500+ publications via PressReader when using Tribe’s WiFi.

Tribe Perth common area


Start your day with a boutique breakfast. Choose from a selection of cereal, bread and jam, and pastries. Two cauldrons offer warm and filling options. And when given the option of made-to-order eggs, choose the kale, feta and yoghurt option… you won’t regret it! I’m still wishing the personal size pan was 5x bigger.

Tribe Perth made to order feta and kale eggs

I’m sure you’ll be out and about during the day, checking out some of the best freakshakes in Perth or filling your time with these awesome activities. If not, Tribe offers take-away dining options all day. Grab a sandwich to take to the beach, or a bag of crisps to munch on while availing yourself of the free WiFi.

Tribe Perth food

My 29 hour layover after 27 hours of travel time was made so much better because of my time at Tribe Perth. As a traveler who’s stayed in multi-bed dorms and 5-star hotels, Tribe combines all the best aspects of socializing in hostels and privacy and luxury in hotels.

I hope this millennial-focused hotel concept with a penchant for simplicity catches on. Why pay for services you don’t need when you can get exactly what you want in a beautiful, sleek package?

Note:This post contains affiliate and sponsored links, and I was a guest of Tribe Perth. As always, all opinions are my own and I’d never recommend anything to you that’s not awesome! 

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Tribe Perth: a hotel for Millennials