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20 best bars in Lisbon (with a map)

When most people think of Lisbon, they think trams, sardines, azulejo tiles, and all kinds of cork souvenirs. But today, we’re chatting about libations in the Portuguese capital. That’s right— I’m sharing the best bars in Lisbon. From clandestine speakeasies to menu-less cocktail lounges to the best spot to drink while watching the sunset in Lisbon, I’ve got you covered! 

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! 

Lisbon’s Best Bars

Exploring the city and all of its unique and wonderful activities? Here’s a map to help you find 20 awesome bars in Lisbon:

A Ginjinha

Whether you’re visiting Lisbon for the first time or the 50th, A Ginjinha is a must-visit on your cocktail crawl! In my opinion, the sour cherry liqueur should be ordered “com frutas” from the oldest ginjinha bar in the city. Just watch out for the cherry pits and the high alcohol content of the cherries after being soaked in aguardente!

FYI: They only take cash, so come prepared!

Café Klandestino

My first apartment in Lisbon was just down the street from Café Klandestino, so it became my go-to spot for first dates, meeting up with out-of-town friends, and they even helped me celebrate my birthday last year— bringing out my cake at exactly midnight!

But you’re not here for my own personal sashay down memory lane, are you?

Cafe Klandestino Lisbon Bar

When I first moved to town, Café Klandestino’s cocktail menu was based on a Portuguese dinner menu, featuring a “fruit salad” drink with an ice cream cone inside, a smoked melon and ham cocktail, and a truffle negroni served with Portuguese cheese.

Cafe Klandestino melon and smoked ham cocktail

Now, the menu is “Intendente Fight Club,” with popular cocktails duking it out inside the glass! My current go-to? DA KILLER! It’s a mash-up of Sazerac VS Bloody Mary, with Bourbon, Cognac, Clarified Tomato Mix, Celery, and Absinthe inside the ring for an umami, boozy beverage.

Chapitô à Mesa

While drinking alcohol can turn some people into clowns, there’s a higher-than-usual likelihood of running into (sober) circus performers at Chapitô à Mesa. That’s because this space was founded as a social project to train locals in the art of circus.

To support the cause by attending their events, be sure to check out their Facebook page.



Tucked away on an unassuming street in São Bento, Foxtrot speakeasy requires you to buzz at the door for access to the bar’s four dimly lit, Art Deco-inspired rooms. For almost four decades, locals and tourists have taken residency on the patio during summer months and cozy up by the fireplace in winter, sipping on cocktails like Sorry, it’s Not Tea, Goodnight Nurse, or (my favorite!) The Number 28— a triple-smoked take on an Old Fashioned.

Feeling like the one-of-a-kind superstar you are? Share your whims with the bartenders and let them whip up something special just for you!


Gin Lovers

If you love gin, there’s no better spot than Gin Lovers in Príncipe Real’s Embaixada, a Portuguese concept gallery. They stock Portuguese and international gins, and the gin-loving mixologists can recommend a cocktail for any palate. 

Gin Lovers Lisbon

Imprensa Cocktail and Oyster Bar 

While oysters aren’t really my jam, Imprensa has so much more to offer than slimy shellfish. Of course, you can get the classics here, but that’s not what keeps me coming back! I love the Impact, which is basically a spicy pineapple margarita, and Georgia with Mezcal, cherry blossom, horseradish, lime, and matcha tea. Can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next! 

Imprensa Cocktail and Oyster Bar

Matiz Pombalina Cocktail Bar

Sure, you could order a classic cocktail off the menu, but why go basic when you could go bespoke? The mixologists at Matiz Pombalina are experts in helping you discover your new signature drink. The vibe is very much “friends in my living room,” without having to clean up before or after. Stop by with friends or on a date and enjoy the jazz vibes and amazing drinks! 

Matiz Pombalina

Monkey Mash

Would you like your cocktail with or without worms? The “In the Dark” cocktail gives you a chance to get out of your comfort zone. Opened by the creators of Red Frog Speakeasy, Monkey Mash is a modern tropical bar with a playful spin on the typical tiki experience. 

In the Dark with worms at Monkey Mash

Nexo 1/2 

Just like the adorable couple that owns this place, the cocktails Catarina and Diogo create are absolute perfection! Nexo ½ bar is Campo de Ourique’s creative cocktail capital, with drinks featuring popcorn, guacamole flavor and tortilla chips, kimchi and pickles, and so many other wild flavor combinations that will have you coming back again (and again and again)!

Nexo Bar in Lisbon

They specialize in low and no-alcohol beverages, which is great if you want to try LOTS of their creations without getting a headache the next day!

Nexo 1/2 Bar in Campo de Ourique

Onda Cocktail Room

If the server at Onda guesses your order before you’ve said anything, you’re probably ordering their Smokey Margarita. Their most popular drink is made with tequila, mezcal, lime juice, and agave syrup and garnished with smokey charcoal salt— the perfect blend of sweet, tart, and smokey! Onda sells more than 100 Smokey Margaritas every week, so join the bandwagon and give it a try for yourself! 

Smokey Margarita at Onda Cocktail Room

Park Rooftop

In most countries, drinking in a parking garage will raise an eyebrow or two. In Portugal, drinking on top of a parking garage means you’ve found one of Lisbon’s best rooftop bars! Watch the sunset, sip a sangria, and party the night away.

Be sure to arrive early because this spot fills up quickly.


Pavilhão Chinês

Have you stumbled into your grandma’s basement or one of the quirkiest bars in Lisbon? Pavilhão Chinês is located in an old grocery store and decorated like a museum, with toys from the 2 world wars stacked from floor to ceiling.

Pavilhão Chines Palace Guard

While your eyes attempt to take in the vast and varied decor, don’t forget to make a choice from the cocktail menu! After much debate, I decided The Godfather was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Like revenge, Scotch whiskey, amaretto, crème de cacao, creme, and cinnamon are best served cold.

The Godfather at Pavilhão Chines

Pensão Amor

Well, hey there, party animal! Looking for a little late-night club action? Head on over to Pensão Amor, an old brothel on Pink Street-turned-bar. Open from 12 pm – 3 am Sunday-Wednesday and 12 pm – 4 am Thursday – Saturday, this is where the party happens. While love by the hour is no longer sold here, the drinking, dancing, and party atmosphere will give you a taste of what drew those sailors to Cais do Sodre more than a century ago.

Pensao Amor entrance

Pensao Amor

Feeling extra cheeky? Check into one of the Pensão Amor Madame’s Lodge, where you can spend the night in a “harlot’s room.”


I have a rumor of my own to share: when I first heard that a BYOB bar had opened in Lisbon, I was skeptical. But Rumours won me over.

Their one-of-a-kind BYOB experience grants you 2 hours of interaction with a dedicated mixologist and 5 drinks based on your preferences for 30€/ person (you just bring an unopened bottle of booze). 

Every cocktail was created with handmade syrups, fresh herbs, and mixology methods unlike I’d ever seen before— like a crystal-clear clarified piña colada! Owner/ mixologist Stefano told us about customers who challenged him to create cocktails based on classical music and jazz, and we decided to look to the stars for inspiration! I’m a Leo dating a Cancer, so we asked Stefano to create a fire + water cocktail! 

Fire + Water Cocktail for a Leo + Cancer

Behind the bar, you’ll see all kinds of elixirs— from saffron to Earl Grey and cardamom, to give every single drink a bespoke twist. Just be sure the spirit you choose is not creamy or heavily flavored, and you’ll have a blast! Gin, rum, tequila, or mezcal are great options.

Passionfruit and Beetroot Cocktail at Rumours

Check out Rumours 3-hour cocktail masterclasses, where you can learn how to prepare four cocktails (and impress your friends at your next dinner party).

And, of course, you can always drop by when you’re in the neighborhood (it’s just two minutes away from LX Factory) and order off their menu. I promise— you’ve never seen a menu like this before!!

Secret Garden LX

Hidden inside a closed gate just off the popular Miradouro Senhora do Monte, you’ll find Secret Garden LX. The drinks are your basic beer, wine, and several types of caipirinhas, but the view (and the feeling of stumbling upon a secret spot) makes this one of my go-to-sunset drink spots! 

Caipirinha at Secret Garden LX

Shoes ‘n’ Booze Bar

Handmade shoes + epic cocktails? An unlikely combo that’s just quirky enough to work! Located right in Baixa, the Shoes ‘n’ Booze Bar often hosts live music, which is the perfect accompaniment to try their innovative wine-based drinks or classic cocktails! 

Shoes n Booze Bar

Sneaky Sip

Brought to you by the team that created Cafe Klandestino comes their sister bar, Sneaky Sip! You’ll need a password to enter, but thankfully, they don’t make it too difficult to find! Just head over to their Instagram and check their highlights. 

This isn’t a gimmicky bar, though. They use underrated ingredients to elevate your everyday cocktails, leading to unique drinks like their winter special, the Duck Fat Cocktail. It’s smoky, smooth, and a touch of fat, creating a riff on an old fashioned like you’ve never seen before! 

Tanoa Café

Would you rather sip the tea or spill it? Tanoa Cafe, in the heart of Bairro Alto, has a gossip-inspired cocktail menu. Let me tell you… it’s JUICY! Ask Miriam to share the stories that inspired their cocktails, and be prepared to pick your jaw off the floor. Just be careful which secrets you spill here, lest you end up on the menu!

I recommend the Cape of Tea cocktail, made with a house-blended garden rose tea, Cape Verde grogue, and Blue Curaçao.

Tanoa Cafe gossip cocktail

Want to drink something zero-proof? Tanoa Café’s tea infusions and coffee blends (HELLO gingerbread coffee!) are amazing.


Nestled in the winding streets of Alfama is Ulysses— a New York pre-prohibition era style speakeasy. The bar is hardly bigger than a closet, seating only three patrons at a time, and yet, it houses one of the most extensive liquor collections I’ve ever seen.

Ulysses in Alfama

While you can choose from a selection of popular cocktails, owner Manuel Barreira is best known for creating bespoke cocktails. The owner asks each visitor four questions and crafts a one-of-a-kind cocktail every time.

Ulysses speakeasy in LIsbon

Keeping it dry? His alcohol-free cocktails (don’t you dare call them mocktails!) are created with pure artistry, so you won’t miss the hard stuff at all!

Bistro’s 100 Maneiras

While you may have heard of 100 Manerias for its Michelin-starred cuisine (my favorite fancy food in Lisbon), Bistro’s 100 Maneiras Bar deserves three stars on its own! The current menu, Tails from Wonderland, takes you down the rabbit hole to find creative cocktails you can’t find anywhere else. For example, have you ever tried anything like the Sage Pumpkin drink, which mixes Monkey Shoulder, sage, pumpkin, passionfruit, and spices for a fruity + spiced flavor?

What’s your favorite bar in Lisbon? If I’ve missed Lisbon’s best bar, let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new spots to try!

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