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12 BEST desserts in Grapevine, Texas

Main Street Grapevine is the sweetest street in Texas… in more ways than one! You may know Grapevine as the Christmas Capital of Texas or as the best wine-tasting destination in DFW, but I know the truth… this city is a sweet lover’s dream. As the Historic District’s citizen with the self-proclaimed biggest sweet tooth, I’m so excited to share the best desserts in Grapevine, Texas with you. 

12 desserts in Grapevine you have to try! 

Chocolate Moonshine

Address: 520 South Main St #207

Chocolate Moonshine infuses alcohol into their chocolates and the result is illegally good! Try chocolate with Pecan Street Rum, Garrison Brothers Bourbon, or Republic Añejo Tequila to get the party started!

While these infusions aren’t for kiddies, this is a family friendly establishment with plenty of non-alcoholic options. Try Maple Bacon Fudge, Chocolate Fondue to-go, and artisan chocolates (including super cute Texas-shaped treats). 

Chocolate Moonshine Grapevine

Dr. Sue’s Chocolate

Address: 417 South Main St

Dietary Restrictions: Most products are vegan and almost everything is gluten-free! Dr. Sue’s also offers several sugar- free products.

Since Dr. Sue first opened a retail shop Christmas 2013, they’ve welcomed presidents, musicians and athletes through their doors. The most memorable visit? Dr. Sue’s “favorite photo is a blurry picture in the shop. When I met Bobby Flay, I offered him some chocolate bark. He liked it so much that he wouldn’t stop eating it during the photograph. So I love that the photo is blurry because it reminds me that he liked my chocolate!”

Dr. Sue’s encourages tasting, and everything I’ve tried is amazing!

When I asked Dr. Sue her favorites, here’s what she said: “My personal favorite chocolate changes from time to time.

Currently, it’s our Single Origin Tasting Squares for wine pairings. Over the past few years, my favorite has been our Midnight Mocha. And by far the most popular among customers this summer has been our new flavor, Campfire Bark (which is like a s’more!)”

A note from Dr. Sue: I am a practicing physician, but I’ve always loved to cook. I learned from my mother and always enjoyed entertaining. When my daughter went to college, I decided to go to Chicago and take classes to become a chocolatier. I started making chocolate bark to serve with wine or port at dinner parties and it was very popular. Once I realized how much people enjoyed talking about chocolate, I realized that I could use it as a platform to talk about lifestyle choices like reading labels, choosing healthier options, eating in moderation, and staying active. That was the start of Dr. Sue’s Chocolate.

All of our products are all-natural, non-GMO. There are no artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. If you see a color, it came from a natural source like a vegetable or spice. Most of our products are vegan and we even have a sugar-free bar sweetened with dates. I love the challenge of making delicious chocolates that people love but they can also feel good about eating them.

Dr. Sue’s is giving back to the community

The other mission of Dr. Sue’s Chocolate is to give back to our community. Dr. Sue is dedicated to paying a living wage and donates to dozens of local charities every year.

Looking for a fun family outing or a sweet date idea? Join a truffle-making class at Dr. Sue’s! 

Truffle class at Dr. Sue’s


Address: 129 South Main St #140

Dietary Restrictions: Doughlicious always keeps gluten-free and vegan dough on hand. Also, outside of peanut butter, which is used in one dough, Doughlicious is nut-free.

Edible cookie dough is a bit of a misnomer. Technically, all cookie dough is edible, but the dough from Doughlicious isn’t going to give you Salmonella. Since Black Friday of 2017, Doughlicious has been providing scoops of the world’s newest food fad right here in Grapevine and they’re proud to be the first in Texas!

Wondering what to buy? Chocolate chip is their most popular cookie dough, but their milkshakes are very popular year-round. Choose your favorite cookie dough and the team at Doughlicious will blend it with vanilla ice cream and milk.

My personal favorite is banana pudding cookie dough, but be on the lookout for seasonal flavors like key lime pie and peppermint chocolate. Be sure to sample a couple before buying a scoop!

While I was in the store, a group of women came in lamenting that the shop was so far away from her home. One of the women piped up “but my gym’s on this street!” What a perfect reason to go to the gym!

A note from the founder, Courtney: I grew up working in my Grandmother’s restaurant as a child. She passed away when I was in high school, but her passion for cooking and serving people lived on. Who doesn’t have a great memory of sneaking cookie dough from your mom or grandmother’s kitchen and getting to lick the beaters? When a store in New York opened that just sold cookie dough, I knew this was the perfect concept for me and for Grapevine.


Grapevine Farmer’s Market

Indoor Market Address: 520 South Main St #203

Outdoor Market Address: 325 South Main Street

Check out the Grapevine Farmer’s Market on Saturdays between April and October for an amazing selection of food products. From homemade jams, fresh fruits, and dessert tamales, you’re sure to find a fresh, local way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you’re visiting on a Sunday-Friday or from November-March, don’t worry! You can visit the year-round, indoor Farmer’s Market.

Try one of Mom’s Fried Pies from Itasca, Texas, or a cake or sweet bread from Stephanie at Muscovado Bakery. A wide variety of local raw, unfiltered honey is a great souvenir to bring home.

Stop by to get a real taste of Texas with free samples galore!

Grapevine Olive Oil Company

Address: 340 S Main St

I know what you’re thinking… “Brittany, olive oil is not dessert.” And you’re right. But hear me out on this one.

The Grapevine Olive Oil Company sells a compendium of infused olive oils and balsamic vinegar. And while I wouldn’t recommend eating them from a spoon as dessert, blood orange or lemon-infused olive oil makes a delicious olive oil cake. If you like a little sweet and sour combo, try a splash of strawberry, pomegranate, or espresso balsamic on top of a scoop of your favorite ice cream! 

Hip Pop

Address: 520 South Main St #205

Dietary Restrictions: Hip Pop occasionally offers sugar-free pops and shaved ice.

I went to college in Nashville, Tennessee, where a little cash-only, no-sign-on-the-door popsicle place earned these icy treats a top spot in my sugar-loving heart. When I found out that Hip Pop brought the gourmet popsicle trend to the DFW area, I knew this would soon be one of my favorite desserts in Grapevine. Rosy and her husband, Ben, wanted to start their own business after finishing cooking school, and they decided that gourmet popsicles would be a great addition to Grapevine because of the low cost to get it going. They were right, because 2021 is their ninth year in business!

When I met co-founder Rosy, we chatted about travel and dessert. Each year, they shut down the shop during winter in order to travel, so be sure to check that they’re open when you visit and ask about their past travels and upcoming plans!

I sampled several flavors, including the spicy mango habanero! Will you be brave enough to try the chili-infused flavors?

Rosy’s favorite milk-based pops are Matcha Green Tea and Coffee and her favorite fruit-based is watermelon lime. Ben’s favorite milk-based is Toasted Marshmallow and his favorite fruit-based pop is Strawberry Basil.

You never know who you might run into on your visit… Jason Witten from the Dallas Cowboys loves Hip Pop!

Hip Pop Grapevine


Address: 520 South Main St #200

Dietary Restrictions: JudyPie offers a large selection of gluten-free pies baked in an off-premises kitchen to avoid contamination.

The warmth of the staff was the first thing I noticed when I visited JudyPie. The second thing I noticed was the vast selection of pies, which I was encouraged to try.

My favorite is the Chocolate Bourbon Pie, but there isn’t a bad pie in the place! Founder, Judy, shared that her favorite pies are Pecan, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Creme, and Chicken Pot Pie or Shepherd’s Pie for lunch.

JudyPie samples

Before owning this popular pie shop, Judy was a middle school teacher for 25 years. After retiring in 2013, she made pies in a friend’s shop for Thanksgiving and made cookies and pies at home to send to work with her son. Everyone raved about how delicious everything was and someone suggested she open a pie shop. The rest is history. All I have to say is THANK YOU to whoever made that suggestion because JudyPie is the perfect addition to Main Street. I’m not the only one who thinks so!

JudyPie has welcomed famous golfers in the shop, and numerous travel writers. Recently, Judy spent the entire day with a camera crew while they filmed a show that has been on the air in Texas for over 50 years.

At JudyPie, all of the pies are handmade every day from scratch, and almost all of the pies are family recipes, with the exception of Strawberry Rhubarb, Key Lime and Peanut Butter.

Neither the Strawberry Rhubarb nor the Key Lime pies are Texas pies, so Judy never had them growing up, and she told me that for some unknown reason, they never ate peanut butter in her family!

The demand was great for these pies, so she had to come up with a recipe, and they are spot on! Judy has collected antique cookbooks and family recipes for over 30 years, and her dedication to pie has paid off!

JudyPie is giving back to the community

Since Judy was a special education teacher, JudyPie is committed to supporting My Health, My Resources of Tarrant County. JudyPie donates pies to guest birthday parties, as well as toiletries, crafts, and games. Guests are encouraged to write to people who struggle with mental health issues, which the team delivers.

JudyPie employs people with special needs and donates to MHMR of Tarrant County from the sales of the products.

Various chocolates from Sweet Sarah’s Sweets are sold at JudyPie and a portion of the sales are donated to support mental health programs.

JudyPie Grapevine


Address: 338 S Main St

Kilwins motto is “Sweet in every sense since 1947,” and they’re adding an old-school confectionary vibe to Main Street. Stop in for a hand-dipped scoop of ice cream, Mackinac Island fudge, or homemade candy and chocolate. 

Kountry Donuts

Address: 102 South Main St

This little donut shack, featuring simple, fresh, delicious donuts at an affordable price is a staple on Main Street. 

Kountry Donuts

Napoli’s Creamery

Address: 309 South Main St

After a meal at Napoli’s Italian Kitchen and Market, satisfy your sweet tooth with 18 flavors of Italian-style gelato made fresh daily. Or perhaps you’d like to opt for a traditional dessert like Italian cream cake, cannoli, or tiramisu? Then, feel the nostalgia with old-fashioned fudge, taffy, and candies. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to end the meal on a sweet note! 

Rocket Fizz

Address: 317 S Main St

For a decadent dose of nostalgia or to take your taste buds on a trip, Rocket Fizz is the candy shop to end all candy shops! Stock up on saltwater taffy, sold by the bag, or choose from their supply of international and local candy. Need a fun gift? Bacon soda is always a winning idea! 

Shipley Do-Nuts 

Address: 604 E Northwest Hwy

Typical donut shops close around midday…. but when the urge for a sphere of sugary goodness hits in the afternoon, Shipley Do-Nuts has you covered with a 5 pm close time! Shipley is a true Texas tradition, originating in Houston in the aftermath of the Great Depression. While prices have gone up from the original $.05/dozen, reasonable prices encourage guilt-free spending. I am a fan of the chocolate-filled donuts and cinnamon butterfly donuts, but be sure to order several to find your favorite! 

Now that you know all of the best places to find dessert in Grapevine, you just need to make a plan to visit them all. Many shops offer free samples, so be sure to ask whether you can try before you buy! 

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