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The Best Doughnuts in Melbourne

The first of June is to sugar addicts what the Grand Finals are for AFL fans, the Australian Open is to tennis fans and the State of the Union is to rugby fans… combined. June 1 is International Doughnut Day. Just in case you’ve only recently heard of this very real and not made up holiday, I’ve compiled a list of where you can find the very best doughnuts Melbourne has to offer! From hot jam doughnuts to a tower of Nutella doughnuts, you DONUT want to miss this post on Melbourne doughnuts! 

The best Donuts Melbourne has to offer- sprinkled from the CBD to the suburbs!

Short Stop Coffee and Donuts


If I was forced to choose a worldwide best doughnut, Short Stop Coffee and Donuts’ Australian Honey and Sea Salt Cruller would make the top three, and it wins my title of “best donut in Melbourne.” Just thinking about this doughnut, which is crispy on the outside and light as a cloud on the inside, makes my mouth water. It’s glazed with local honey and organic milk and topped with fine flakes of salt. Salted honey might just be the new salted caramel.

Short Stop Australian Honey and Sea Salt Donut

I can’t visit without getting the cruller, but I try to branch out from time to time, and have also fallen in love with their Earl Grey and Rose Cake doughnut and Maple Walnut and Brown Butter Raised doughnut. They make everything on-site, so you’re guaranteed ‘fresh out of the oven’ aromas.

Short Stop Donuts

Donut want to leave your house? They deliver!

Doughboys Doughnuts


Doughboys Doughnuts has a storefront in the CBD where you can watch their creative team of pastry chefs whip up the newest creation. They dip, glaze, ice, fill, dust & double dip every day, and their passion shows in their ever-changing list of donuts. Will you try the French Toast, Banoffee Pie or Hazelnut Truffle? If you love a filled doughnut, maybe you’ll love the Matcha Pop doughsie, filled with raspberry creme and topped with white chocolate glaze and matcha popcorn like I did.

Doughboys Doughnuts in the Melbourne CBD

Or maybe an Apple Pie filled with apple spice and brown sugar compote and topped with dark vanilla bean glaze, caramel and pie crust will be the perfect Autumn snack.

Doughboys Doughnuts Apple Pie Donuts

Donut want to leave your house? They deliver!

Walker’s Doughnuts Melbourne


Their Facebook ‘About Us’ claims that their doughnuts are the tastiest in the world. I haven’t tried every donut in the world (yet), but I will say that I love stopping at this shop for a cheeky donut to eat on the train after an evening out.

Walker's Doughnuts near Flinders Street Station

The American Doughnut Kitchen

Queen Vic Market

Nothing says America like a red, white and blue van enticing people with sugary, jam-filled doughnuts. I had actually never tried a hot jam doughnut until I moved to Melbourne but, oh wow, I’ll be looking for them everywhere I go now! The American Doughnut Kitchen has the best hot jam doughnuts in Melbourne! 

American Doughnut Kitchen Melbourne

The American Doughnut Kitchen has been serving up Melbourne’s favorite hot jam doughnuts since 1950 and it’s not uncommon for their cash-only truck to have a long line. All those who wait are rewarded with ADK’s iconic hot jam doughnut made using a safely-guarded German recipe that’s remained unchanged in the company’s 68 year history.

At $1.20 per doughnut, you can afford to grab a few!

Daniel’s Donuts 

CBD, Portarlington, Highpoint, Point Cook, Carnegie, Springvale

In 2015, at just 23, Daniel’s Donuts owner, Daniel Bartalotta, purchased his parent’s bakery and quickly skyrocketed to become a favorite donut shop in Melbourne. For Daniel’s Donut’s cult following, the motto “Eat, sleep, Daniel’s, repeat” is a way of life. I finally got to see what the fuss was all about on my most recent trip to Melbourne when I tried their lemon curd donut. It was gone in approximately eight seconds (hence the lack of photo). 

Vegan doughnuts in Melbourne are often few and far between, or incredibly expensive. Not here! Daniel’s Donuts vegan options are reasonably priced and delicious. The flavors include Jam-filled, Oreo, glazed, cinnamon, custard, and peanut butter & jam.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts


As an American, I’d be remiss if I left this staple off the list. Light and fluffy, no one would blame you if you inhaled an entire six-pack in one sitting. They melt in your mouth and the sheer sugar count will keep you going all day!

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Melbourne

Bistro Morgan Donuts 


Young people are the future, and the future is now. At just 15 years old, Morgan Hipworth began baking doughnuts before and after school, which he and his mom would deliver to shops around town for sale on the weekends. In 2016, he sold 10,000 doughnuts in just 8 days. He found his passion, and he’s running with it.

Today, Morgan is 17 years old and has opened a storefront in Windsor. Far from just being the face of the company that bears his name, he takes an active role in all aspects of the business. From baking to product creation and invoicing to rostering, he’s accomplished more in his 17 years than many do in their entire career.

Bistro Morgan Donuts

His motto, “Seriously Good Doughnuts” is more than just a catchphrase. It’s a description of his signature handmade brioche doughnuts, filled with everything from chocolate-hazelnut to Byron Bay peanut butter banana cream, each is delicious.

Bistro Morgan Doughnut Melbourne

All Day Donuts


You never know when a doughnut craving is going to hit, so All Day Doughnuts has you covered. I stopped in on my way to brunch one day and picked up a doughnut covered in hundreds and thousands. I’m a sucker for anything colorful.

All Day Donuts creates fresh treats in classic and creative flavors. Their Lemon Curd and Marshmallow and Lemon Yogurt Poppy doughnuts look like winners to me!

All Day Donuts MelbourneNuts About Tella

Brunswick East

I love a good success story, and the doughnut community is full of them! I remember visiting Nuts About Tella in 2016 when it was a pop up shop in Melbourne Central. Now, they’ve got their own shop in Brunswick East and is much beloved in the sweet tooth community. 

If you’re a fan of Nutella, this should be your first stop, since the team behind Nuts About Tella created this shop just for you. Take it easy with a Nutella-filled doughnut or kick it up a notch with their Tella Burger, Nutella and your choice of toppings sandwiched between two Nutella- filled doughnuts. For the nuttiest Nutella fans out there, the stack of four Nutella-filled doughnuts, known as the Leaning Tella of Pisa is a challenge for you. For the best Nutella doughnuts Melbourne has to offer, you’ve got to visit this shop!

Nuts About Tella Nutella Doughnut Sandwich


La Lapa

South Melbourne Market

La Lapa is located inside the South Melbourne Market, which is open Wednesdays and Friday – Sunday, so you’ll have to plan accordingly to taste these delicious delicacies. When I first moved to Melbourne, La Lapa’s doughnuts were the first I tried and two years later, I’m still just as in love with them. I haven’t tried a bad flavor yet, but my favorite is a strawberry iced doughnut filled with strawberry creme. Pair it with a cup of their famous coffee.

At 3 for $10, these doughnuts are a deal you can’t pass up!

La Lapa South Melbourne Market donuts

Levain Doughnuts

South Melbourne – Find them at Miss Noble’s

Levain Doughnuts is a wholesale company that specializes in handmade sourdough doughnuts using locally sourced ingredients. I tried the Mars Bar doughnut at Miss Noble’s in South Melbourne and the experience couldn’t have been better. Sarah and the team greet everyone with a smile, and I like to think of it as the neighborhood Cheers- where everybody knows your name. I paired my Mars Bar doughnut with a Mörk hot chocolate, which was the perfect balance of sweet and sweet… just the way I like it! The doughnut is glazed and filled with a salted caramel filling, which was one of the best fillings I’ve tried. I’d love to try the rest of their line, creative with an Australian flair. Flavors include Anzac Caramel and Honey, Lamington, and Ceylon Cinnamon among others. Stop into Miss Noble’s or watch for Levain Doughnuts at markets and festivals around Melbourne.

Levain Doughnuts wholesale

Nóstimo & Co


So Nóstimo & Co isn’t technically a doughnut shop. It’s not even non-technically a doughnut shop. But they use doughnuts in their doughnut burger, and that’s earned them a spot on the list. Doughnuts are delivered daily and their chocolate iced doughnut with colorful hundreds and thousands become the bun for a double patty, double cheese burger with streaky bacon. It’s a lot to take in, and I was skeptical… but I LOVED it. Now, I’m wondering why all burgers don’t come topped with chocolate icing. Who needs ketchup? Give me chocolate any day!

Nostimo doughnut burger Melbourne

Doughnut Time

CBD + Hawthorn

A few years ago, we witnessed the expeditious demise of the most creatively decorated doughnuts in town. Lucky for those of us who love these beautifully decorated donuts in Melbourne, they’re back and better than ever! From the vegan Chris Hemsworthy to the decadent Tim Tam Time, these donuts are a delight. If you’re looking for Nutella donuts in Melbourne, check out their Love at First Bite! 

Santa's milk and cookies donut Justin Bieber's underpants donut

A few of our past favorites

Donuts shops come and donut shops (unfortunately) go. Keep reading for a few of our favorite donuts shops that are no longer frying up disks of deliciousness. 

Dashing Donuts


The bright, colorful doughnuts at Dashing Donuts aren’t your typical ring of fried dough. These are Italian style doughnuts, whose dense texture is created using an age-old Italian recipe.

Dashing Donuts love heart doughnut

When you’re exhausted from a full day of shopping at Chadstone, stop by their shop on the lower level and choose your favorite. I’m partial to the Tim Tam Slam—a beautiful marriage of artisan Italian dough and Aussie culture. Whichever flavor you choose, it’s sure to be Instagrammable!

Dashing Donuts Chadstone Simpsons donut

SuperCool Donuts


The mascot of this shop is The Fonz, so you know it’s cool. Their super light, fluffy doughnuts are great at anytime of day, but their opening hours keep them up late. And their location on Chapel Street begs for a post-pub stop! Try the cookies ‘n’ creme… it’s my favorite!

As Fonzie would say, “Aaaaaaay!” Go get one now!

Supercool Donuts Windsor Melbourne

Tella Balls Dessert Bar

CBD – Inside Melbourne Central

I first visited Tella Balls Dessert Bar in Sydney, when I was on my mission to visit as much as possible of Australia in one week. With stops at lovely places like this, I didn’t get too far! Tella Balls Dessert Bar has recently expanded to Melbourne and have taken up residence in Melbourne Central.

Tella Ball Shake

Try their signature brioche doughnut ball on top of a shake or on its own, or try something out of the ordinary with their doughnut chips.


I hope this post has been drool-inducing and has helped you plan your International Doughnut Day. I can’t wait to hear how you spend it!

PS. Want to know how to spend International Doughnut Day in Dallas, Texas? Click here. 

Who has the best doughnuts in Melbourne? Cast your vote in the comments!

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The best doughnuts in Melbourne Australia


Thursday 21st of June 2018

Wow! An entire blog post about the best donuts in Melbourne yet no mention of Daniel's Donuteria! Actually, that's probably a good thing - some things really should be kept a local secret!


Friday 22nd of June 2018

Sounds like I'm going to have to go back and give them a try!!

Madisyn Margiotta

Saturday 2nd of June 2018

Always love your posts, Brittany! Makes me miss Australia, especially all the delicious food. There was a dumpling bar in Melbourne we stumbled upon, HuTong Dumpling Bar, and we’ve been on hunt for soup dumplings as good as those ever since we left Australia. Hope you’re doing well!


Saturday 2nd of June 2018

Thanks so much, Madisyn! Ooh!! I haven't tried HuTong Dumpling Bar, but I love Din Tai Fung's soup dumplings :)