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The inside scoop on the best gelato in Trento

Italy is among my favorite countries in the world. Contributing factors include the people, the scenery, the food, and most importantly… the gelato! I love trying as many flavors and shops as possible to discover the very best gelato in the world. In June, I visited Trentino for a Traverse conference. Most of my blogger friends spent their days riding the gondola for epic views of the Italian Alps, visiting the Buonconsiglio Castle or touring the town. But everyone knows June is perfect ice cream weather. I spent my time searching all over town to find the best gelateria Trento has to offer.

I found unique flavors, generous scoops and maybe even a new best friend. Read on to find out where you can find the best gelato in Trento, Italy!

Where to find the best gelato in Trento, Italy

Cherry Gelato

The first Cherry Gelato opened in 2012 a few villages over in Rovereto. However, I stumbled upon the shop just four days after its opening in Trento. The vibe in the shop is more like a bar than a gelateria. That is.. if bars gave away free tasters of beer before purchase. Stop by and say hi to manager Alan (tell him Brittany sent you). Until this shop opened, Alan was a bartender. Evident from his easy conversation and witty banter, he loves people and gelato is just one way he makes people happy. On his time off, you may find him playing music in one of the piazzas.

Each morning, Daniele Lozano arrives at the shop early to make gelato. The shop uses fresh ingredients with a high quality base to prepare the final product. Daniele’s favorites include the award-winning chocolate fondente, pistachio, and Magic Cherry.

New gelateria in Trento: Cherry Gelato

The flavors

Over the course of a week in Trento, I tried ALL of the flavors. Research for this blog is tough, y’all. Now, I’m not one to argue with the creator of the gelato himself, but if I had to choose favorites, I recommend respiro and Mona Lisa. Mint and licorice from the Calabria region flavor the respiro gelato. The distinct herbal flavor is softened by the cooling mint, creating one of the most unique flavors of ice cream I’ve ever tried. The Mona Lisa combines yogurt and mascarpone with orange for a smooth treat with a bit of a zing.

Respiro and milk chocolate gelato from Cherry Gelateria Trento

I visited the shop no less than 5 times during the week. Once, I even arrived just after closing. Thanks to my new BFF Alan, though, the gate rose and my friends and I were able to enjoy a few scoops of Cherry gelato!

La Gelateria Trento

Just down the street from Piazza Duomo, La Gelateria Trento was founded with the mission to delight palates and bring smiles to the faces of people in Trento.

Among their all-time most unique are the beer and polenta gorgonzola flavors. This article says that the polenta gorgonzola was created to marry two beloved foods from the mountains of Trentino: polenta and tasty cheese. Unfortunately, these flavors weren’t available when I visited. Please let me know what they’re like in the comments if you try them!

Of the unique flavors I tried, the rhubarb and violet were my absolute favorite. The tart, tangy rhubarb reminded me of pies eaten during university in Nashville, TN and the violet ice cream reminded me of a trip to Tourrettes-sur-Loup with my mom. When food evokes a memory, it’s a special one indeed. From the rhubarb gelato in my belly and the smile on my face, I’d say their mission is accomplished.

Rhubarb and violet gelato at La Gelateria in Trento

Gelateria Fior Di Gusto

Taste and authenticity. These are the building blocks of the two Gelateria Fior Di Gusto shops in Trento. The brand was founded by a 27-year-old woman with a mission to provide great flavor using ingredients you can feel good about. Their gelato is made start-to-finish using raw ingredients from local suppliers.

Dairy is a specialty of the Trentino and their milk and cheese is some of the best in the world! If each is good on its own, why not combine the two for a creamy, cheesy iced treat? Gelateria Fior di Gusto’s fior di Bufala gelato pays homage to Buffalo mozzarella in scoop form.

Trying buffalo mozzarella gelato at Gelateria Fior Di Gusto

For my dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and egg-free friends, this is your place! Gelateria Fior Di Gusto caters to gelato-lovers with intolerances and allergies. Just ask the helpful staff what they can recommend for you!

Gelato is one of my favorite social activities. But sometimes you need a Netflix and gelato at home kind of night. Gelateria Fior Di Gusto’s home delivery service has you covered. You can order and eat their fresh gelato from the comfort of your own pajamas.


GROM gelateria is a gelato chain started by two friends in 2003 with the aim to make the best gelato in the world “the way it used to be.”

They don’t use artificial colors, aromas or emulsifiers. And they only use fruit harvested in season when its fully ripe. Every GROM scoop begins in Turin, where raw ingredients are mixed and carefully distributed to stores from Shanghai to LA and Jakarta to Trento where the gelato production is completed.

Each month, the menu changes to reflect what’s in season. Their fior di latte is creamy and sweet and never goes out of style!

ice cream cone held in front of Piazza Duomo in Trento, Italy

Fior di latte gelato from GROM in Trento

Want gluten-free ice cream in Trento? Their website says that all of their sorbet and gelato are suitable for celiacs!

Gelateria Pingu

Last, but not least, Gelateria Pingu! Pingu brings smiles to customers faces with classic flavors like strawberry, stracciatella and cremino. When I visited, their display case contained well-loved favorites, but a quick search online revealed a Pirates of the Caribbean flavor. I wonder what treasure is buried in that gelato!

Trento Gelateria Pingu

Gelateria Pingu Trento

With so much amazing gelato in Trento, I hope you’ve packed your stretchy pants! After a trip comprised of visiting gelateria after gelateria, Trento is sure to win your heart. And might just send you home with a few extra pounds as a parting gift.

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Which of Trento’s unique flavors sounds the best to you?

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