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The best wineries in Grapevine TX

Grapevine’s historic Main Street is absolutely charming. A walk past the preserved buildings and replicas will make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. And if you pay a visit in the wintertime, you’ll quickly learn why it’s known as the Christmas Capital of Texas. The town has seen many changes since 1843, when General Sam Houston met here with the leaders of 10 Native American nations to sign a treaty of “peace, friendship, and commerce,” and open the land for homesteaders. It’s seen the likes of Bonnie and Clyde and their gang in the 1930s. And for a significant period of time, this town was the self-proclaimed “cantaloupe capital of the world.” Today, Grapevine has gone back to their roots vines, and it’s the grape, not the cantaloupe that’s put this city on the map. The wineries in Grapevine TX are among the most awarded in Texas.

Together, the 12 Grapevine wineries in this post make up the Urban Wine Trail. Wondering where to start? I’ve compiled a list of the best wineries in Grapevine with pricing on tastings, information about live music and special events and top tips from the winemakers themselves!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links, I may earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. 

The best wineries in Grapevine TX (and where to find them)

Please don’t drink and drive!

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1. Bingham Family Vineyard

Location: 620 S Main Street
Monday – Thursday 12 – 8pm
Friday 12 – 9pm
Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 1 – 6pm
Tasting options: Dry red flight – $15, Dry flight or a sweet flight – $10

The family behind the Bingham Family Vineyards are fifth generation farmers from Meadow, Texas, located in the High Plains region of Texas. There, Cliff and Betty Bingham and most of their 11 children run the farm, just like the generations before them. In Meadow, there’s one stoplight and the only restaurant in town recently closed down. It’s small town Texas at its best and the perfect location to grow grapes for their 100% Texas wine.

Fifteen years ago, the Binghams added grapes to the crops they grow. Originally, the grapes were grown to sell as fruit and crushed for juice to sell to other wineries. Five years ago, though, wine-making became a byproduct of a family conscious of reducing wastage. The rest, as they say, is history.

Intentional design

When you walk into the Bingham Family Vineyards tasting room in Grapevine, you’re met with bright lights and intentional design. This is not a wine bar… it’s a tasting room, plain and simple. Jars of red West Texas dirt sit on shelves and cotton peeks out of the tops of wine bottles on the bar. Photos of grapes, just plucked, adorn the wall next to paintings by “Grancy” (the children’s name for grandma). And the “B” logo, with its quarter note and bass clef are a nod to the musical family. All of the children are classically trained musicians – they play strings while Cliff plays the piano.

Bingham Family Vineyard – farming in the decoration

Intentional design doesn’t stop there. The Binghams are educators and evangelists and aren’t shy to say they’re farmers first. They’re proud to grow cotton, wheat, sorghum, black eyed peas and peanuts. And it’s this pride that led them to select farming terms when they named their wine.

Turnrow Red Blend

The Turnrow red blend gets its name from the strip of land between two farms, where the tractors on each property meet. Here, the neighbors stop to chat before continuing their work in the field. This easy-drinking red is perfect for a neighborly chit chat over a glass or two of this double silver award winning wine.

Dugout Wine

Their double gold award winning Dugout wine is a nod to the homesteads of days gone by. There are no native trees in West Texas, so when the first pioneers arrived, a family would dig up a plot of land, put a roof over it and live in the ‘dugout’ home.

Using grapes from their vineyards in Meadow, part of the Texas High Plains AVA region, all wine made by the Bingham family is made from 100% Texas estate grapes. This means that all grapes are grown by the Binghams at their property- not sourced from other growers. It’s one of the only wineries in Grapevine TX with this distinction. And it’s all in the family – from grape growing to wine making to delivery – the entire process is done by the Binghams.

Red dirt at Bingham Family Vineyard

Tastings with a souvenir glass

When you sip the wine, poured out of bottles with designs painted by Grancy, you become a part of the family. Stop by for a tasting, where you can try a dry red flight for $15, a dry flight or a sweet flight for $10. Each tasting comes with a souvenir glass, because the Bingham family believes you shouldn’t drink good wine out of bad glasses.

Monthly events

Each month, the tasting room in Grapevine hosts a special event. In July, they partnered with local business, Doughlicious, for a cookie dough + wine tasting. I LOVE the unique pairing! Other events have included flower arranging and craft nights and you can find the upcoming events on their website. Members of the wine club have access to other special events, including a special dinner once a year, where the Bingham family comes to Grapevine and the whole family performs together!

Wine it forward

Before you order a glass of wine, be sure to stop by the “wine it forward” board to see if there’s a glass with your name on it! Patrons have purchased glasses for a “CDL Commercial driver,” a “UT parent,” and a “survivor of a miscarriage” among others. Just be sure to wine it forward!

Wine it forward wall at Bingham Family Vineyard

2. Messina Hof Grapevine Winery

Location: 201 S. Main St.
Sunday – Tuesday: 12:00 – 8:00pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 12:00 – 9:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 12:00 – 11:00pm
Tasting options:
Token system – 5 tokens for $14
Each taste is 1 token – Paulo tastings are 2 tokens
Tour + tasting (6 person minimum): $35 per person
Happy hour: Enjoy $5 select glasses & Wine on Tap Monday – Thursday from 4pm-7pm!
TAP TUESDAY: $5 off all growlers.
Visit between 5-8pm in the wine bar for pairings of wine and local chocolate or wine and artisan cheese. $20 (Reservations recommended)

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and in the Texas wine industry, no name is as big as Messina Hof. This winery produces 200,000 gallons of wine annually. And 400,000 people enjoy Messina Hof wine yearly – 200,000 of them coming to one of their three tasting rooms. They’re also the most awarded winery in Texas.

When you look at the numbers, it can be easy to assume that it’s an impersonal brand. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Messina Hof has been family and veteran owned since 1977. When Paul Vincent and Merrill Bonarrigo started the Messina Hof winery, they had no idea that they would be one of the wineries to pioneer the wine movement that’s earned Texas the #5 spot on the list of largest wine producing states in the US.

Messina Hof wine

The most awarded wine in Texas

Since their first gold medal in 1982 at the Texas State Fair, Messina Hof has won over 1,500 national and international awards for their wine including 20 double gold medals. Want to try them all? I hope you’re staying in town for a while! Messina Hof offers the largest tasting menu in town. Tastings are done using a token system. Five tokens can be purchased for $14. Most tastings are one token, but the Paulo tastings are two. Every firstborn male in the Bonarrigo family for the last eight generations is named Paul. The Paulo collection is Messina Hof’s premium dry red line, which pays homage to the link between father and son.

Messina Hof wines Grapevine

The most popular wines

Messina Hof prides themselves on quality, purchasing grapes directly from 16 growers across 750 acres in the state of Texas. I first tried Messina Hof wine at a “welcome home before you leave again” party after I’d been traveling for one year. I fell in love with their Sparkling Almond, which just so happens to be their most popular wine. Other favorites include the GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre), and Grenache dry rosé.

Wallis Hotel

Messina Hof’s Grapevine tasting room is located in an exact replica of Grapevine’s first hotel, the Wallis Hotel, which operated in Grapevine from 1891-1926 and was torn down in 1930. Be sure to sit down with the judge on the front porch for a quintessentially “Grapevine” photo.

The Wallis Hotel – Messina Hof Grapevine Exterior

Visit the museum upstairs, where relics from the original hotel sit on display. Out on the balcony (the only one on Main Street for a short while longer!), you can see the original Fire Marshal’s maximum occupancy alongside the current Fire Marshal’s decree. It seems like people were a bit smaller back in the day!

Messina Hof fire marshal decree

There’s something special going on at Messina Hof every day – from happy hours to wine tastings and even yoga classes and magic shows! Stop by for a tasting where you can choose from the 40 wines on their extensive menu or select a wine on tap. Be sure to enjoy the wine with a cheese platter, accompanied by sauces and jams made using Messina Hof wine!

Messina Hof Grapevine cheese board and wine

Want to take something to go? Peruse the shop for a bottle or select a pool-friendly pack of canned wine.

Messina Hof canned wine

3. Off the Vine

Location: 324 S. Main St.
Sunday & Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday: 11:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am – 7:00pm
Tasting options:
Weekly tasting events at The Cellar

If you’ve been in Grapevine for a while, you’ll remember a time when you could only buy wine at Off the Vine. When the shop opened in 1993, it was the first wine shop in town. The oldest winery on Main Street wouldn’t open for another year.

Off the Vine started as a gift shop that delved into the world of wine when a nice bottle of wine became one of the most requested gift basket additions. Since that time, the shop has made it their mission to find wines from all over the world at all price points with all flavor profiles. You won’t find mass-produced wine here. Instead, you’ll find unique wines that have made it through a rigorous screening process. And from the neck of each wine hangs a hand-written label with tasting notes.

Notes on wine bottles at Off the Vine Grapevine

Current owner Holly estimates that she tastes 50-80 wines per week before choosing which bottles make it to the shelves. Over her 19 years at the shop, that’s 50,000-80,000 wines tasted! I asked the dreaded question about favorites, and Holly told me that if if she won lottery, she’d only drink champagne. Since that hasn’t happened yet, her favorite type of wine is a Cabernet Franc, which is an earthy, Bordeaux varietal.

Off the Vine through the years

Holly walked through the door of the shop in 2000 and was offered a job when the founder noticed her knack for selecting good wine off the shelf. She purchased the shop in 2008. The introduction of wine at retailers like Sam’s Club, Costco, Tom Thumb and grocery stores have made changes in traffic through the years, but Off the Vine continues to evolve to meet customer demands. As of July 2019, the shop is offering small samples of wine as you peruse.

Off the Vine partners with over 20 distributors to offer themed weekly tasting events and monthly pizza parties. The events are held in The Cellar, their event space next door and range from $30-$50+ depending on the bottles of wine being served.

Learn the art of sabering

While I was in the shop, I got a preview of their monthly sabering event. Holly handed me the “Off with their heads” engraved saber and gave me a quick tutorial on how to saber. I’m not sure which was more satisfying, the clean slice and pop of the bottle, or the opportunity to sample the Crémant de Bourgogne sparkling wine. (Just kidding… using a sword was definitely the coolest thing ever.)

Learning to saber wine at Off the Vine Grapevine

Join Off the Vine’s mailing list and check them out on Facebook to learn about their upcoming events. Or stop by for a chat and head home with a bottle of wine that’s been Holly approved… and with over 50,000 tastes under her belt, you know it’ll be good!

Grapevine’s oldest wine shop – Off the Vine

4. Outlaw Cider Company

Location:112 E Texas St
Monday – Thursday: Closed
​Friday: 5:00 – 10:00pm
Saturday: 12:00 – 10:00pm
​Sunday: Closed
Tasting options:
$7 for 5 ciders

Did you know that cider is technically considered a specialty wine? Although the bubbles make you think of beer, this fruit-fermented drink is legally wine. (That’s why you can buy it in wine tasting rooms around town, but you won’t see a beer in sight.) This distinction makes cider-makers the outlaws of the wine community… which leads us to Outlaw Cider Company! The brainchild of Sloan & Williams founders, Alan W. Kunst, Jr. & Ralph S. Mattison Jr., this is the right-brain to the winery’s left-brain. The name is a nod to both the status in the wine industry and Alan’s army unit in Fulda, Germany, the Outlaw 4/11 Armored Cavalry Regiment.

Punny names and fun, award-winning labels grace the cans and bottles of cider. And boxes of board games sit near the free popcorn. Tastings are served in a branded wooden paddle made by a veteran the owners found on Etsy. Tapered glasses are caught midway through the paddle and first-time tasters can be heard uttering “how cool!” when their glasses arrive. Tastings are affordable, at just $7 for 5 ciders. The owners want to pull you out of your comfort zone and entice you to try new things. When the risk is small, the chance to experiment is much more likely. It’s not much of a risk, though, when everything tastes so good!

Outlaw Cider flight Grapevine

Alan Kunst has been making cider for friends and family since 2002 and opened the shop to the public Easter of 2017. Since then Outlaw Cider has quickly become a favorite in Grapevine and to patrons at over 50 other distribution points.

The most popular ciders

Pineapple crush, voodoo blackberry, Tea-Rex (my favorite) are the top sellers. I must have good taste, because in their very first year, Tea-Rex won the double gold grand star at the Seattle Cider Awards. (That’s basically the Super Bowl of cider.) Cherry Bomb has also gained a bit of a cult following – with a cherry flavor that made me think of a childhood full of Airheads and Jolly Ranchers!

5. Sloan and Williams Winery

Location: 401 S. Main Street
Monday-Wednesday: 3:00 – 9:00pm
Thursday: 3:00 – 10:00pm
Friday: 2:00 – 11:00pm
Saturday: 12:00 -11:00pm
Sunday: 12:00 – 7:00pm
Tasting options:
$12 – four 2oz. tastings
California Red & White Flight
California Red Flight
Sweet Wine Flights
Wine-a-Rita Flight
California & Texas Red Flight
California & Texas White Flight
Texas High Plains AVA Flights
Happy hour:
5 – 9pm Monday – Thursday ($5 wine, $5 cider, $10 flatbread)
Live music:
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights

Alan W. Kunst, Jr. and Ralph S. Mattison Jr. will tell you they’re just a couple guys from Texas who wanted to make wine… and that’s true, but it downplays just how big of a deal these two are in the Texas wine industry. Alan and Ralph met and became friends in the army. Alan’s the wine maker and Ralph’s the wine drinker at Sloan & Williams Winery.

When Alan was stationed in Germany, he blew off steam after flying missions by spending time with an “old-timer” farmer down the road from the base who taught him the art of making wine. From there, Alan began fermenting wine in the bathtub of his spare bathroom and expanded his production to the garage of his home. In 2013, Ralph and Alan partnered up (Sloan and Williams are their middle names) to go pro.

Their military training has had a huge impact on the way they run their winery. Their motto is Passion, Pride and Integrity and it’s woven through the very fabric of their company. By law, a wine is considered a single varietal if it contains 85% of one type of grape. The remaining 15% can be a filler grape. Sloan & Williams pride themselves that each single varietal wine contains 100% of the grape that’s on the label. Each bottle is signed by Alan and Ralph – a statement that they’ve given their word to provide high quality wine that is exactly what they say it is.

Sloan & Williams Sangiovese

The most popular wines

Crimson Crush is a red blend which contains Cabernet, Syrah, and Merlot. It took six iterations to get the blend exactly right, but the trial and error paid off. People wait at the door to get this blend when it arrives in stock and it’s always the first to sell out.

They’re not a one-hit wonder, though. On a recent flight, Alan took his seat and was getting settled when he heard a voice from across the aisle call out his name. “You’re Alan Kunst! I love your Roussanne!” Seconds later, the man a couple rows back piped up “Yeah… but have you tried the Sangiovese!?” It gets even better. The flight attendant made her way down the aisle and added her two cents, stating that the Tempranillo is her go-to wine. It’s no surprise that these two soldiers have won more than 370 international wine awards.

About the wine and the growers

Sloan & Williams’ wine comes from both California and Texas. Here in Texas, they partner with farmers in the Texas Hill Country AVA (American Viticulture Areas) and a farmer in the High Plains AVA, whose family has been growing grapes since Prohibition ended. Their grapes from California are grown in Lodi AVA, Sierra Foothills AVA, Alexander Valley AVA, Monterey County AVA, and Mokelumne River AVA.

Sloan & Williams winery Grapevine

I took a seat at the Moon Bar with Alan for this interview, and he told me that the bar was intentionally designed so that each person at the bar could see every other person at the bar. Alan is best described as Texas friendly and our conversation paused each time a new employee clocked in. He’s an active owner and has his finger on the pulse of the company, sharing in his employees’ excitement about upcoming vacations and college plans. You see, these aren’t just employees; they’re partners. Sloan & Williams offers 401K and profit sharing to their employees.

Stop by for some tapas or an incredible cheese and charcuterie board and a glass of some of the most awarded wine in the area.

6. Wine Fusion Winery

Location: 603 S. Main St.
Sunday: 1:00 – 7:00pm
Monday – Thursday: 1:00 – 9:00pm
Friday: 12:00pm – 12:00am
Saturday: 11:00am – 12:00am
Blending classes: $65 per person plus tax & gratuity. This includes all your tastings, a glass of your perfect blend, and the bottle of your very own wine blend to take home at the end of class.
Live music: Friday and Saturday 8:00pm – 12:00am
Events: Wine Fusion participates in events and festivals regularly. They also offer chocolate and wine pairings and monthly karaoke. Find out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on their email list.
Tasting options: $12 for three tastings

Nicholas Kaufman is the owner, winemaker and certified sommelier at Wine Fusion, but don’t let the fancy titles trick you into thinking this is a snooty spot! Wine Fusion is serving up some of the most innovative wine-based drinks on Main Street alongside 20 of their Wine Fusion brand award-winning wines and other wines from around the world.

Wine-based innovation

I first visited Wine Fusion with a group of girlfriends for their wine popsicles, made by local company Social Ice. A Sangria wine pop is perfect on its own or as a topper for a frozen peach bellini.

Wine Fusion Winery – frozen wine cocktail and Social Ice wine popsicle

You’ll notice bloody Marys, cosmopolitans and margaritas listed on the menu. And since serving liquor in a wine tasting room is illegal, you may wonder exactly how Wine Fusion has managed to slip past the authorities. Well… hold on to your hat! These cocktails are made with wine-based liquor substitutes. I tried the “rum” and “cinnamon whiskey” and was surprised by two things. 1. They are remarkably smooth. I kept waiting for the alcoholic ‘pucker’ that never came. 2. They taste pretty darn close to the real thing. The cinnamon whiskey is a sippable sister to Fireball. These are definitely the most innovative wine products you’ll find at any of the wineries in Grapevine TX.

Nicholas Kaufman at Wine Fusion Winery - wine-based spirits available at the most unique of the wineries in Grapevine TX

Nicholas Kaufman at Wine Fusion Winery

Education in wine tasting

If you’re a purist, though, there’s plenty of great wine for you to try here. The tasting room is laid back and modern with art hanging from local artists hanging on the walls. The goal is to get people in the door to try something they’ve never tried before. Tastings all include an element of education and guests are encouraged to be adventurous. Just because you didn’t like a Cabernet you tried three years ago doesn’t mean you won’t like this one. All employees try all the wines and are educated on how to explain each to the customers. I ran into the Wine Fusion team on a team building field trip at another winery in town… proof that they love their wine – and spending time with each other!

Blending classes

Want to know what it’s like to be a winemaker for a day? Every Friday and Saturday, Wine Fusion offers a blending class. In the class, guests complete a tasting and learn a little about wine (What glass should you use? What’s the best way to choose a wine in a restaurant?). Then, they pull out the beakers and graduated cylinders to create their own blend, with coaching on how to add body or fruit flavor or tannins.

A little history

Nicholas says he’s been around wine his whole life. He remembers wine parties his mom used to throw when he was a child. She and her friends would bring different bottles every time, which they’d present to the group before tasting. Although Nicholas tasted the wine once and didn’t much care for it, he did think it was cool that there were so many kinds of wine and that the women were able to present different facts about each.

Fast forward a bit, and Nicholas had worked his way from an overnight stocker at a grocery story to being store manager. The store he managed stocked over 3,000 wines and even had a wine steward position. He realized he was in the wrong career after trips to vineyards for wine and dine sessions with prospective wineries. Soon after that, he quit his job, cashed in his 401K, savings and retirement and hired a winemaker to start the process of starting his own winery. Due to budgetary constraints, he was both general contractor and designer while building out the Grapevine location with help from friends and Google, of course!

When this location opened, he had just enough for rent and payroll. Four years later, Wine Fusion has four teams of winemakers in Texas and California who produce a total of around 7,000 cases and 20 different wines every year.

The most popular wines

Their most popular wine is their Fusion Red Bend 10% Syrah, 20% old vine Zinfandel and 70% Cabernet. But if you ask Nicholas which is his favorite? He’ll tell you his favorite depends on the time of day and who he’s with… but his favorite is all wine. Which is great, since he’s the one who has final say on all the wine that’s produced for Wine Fusion! Stop by and find your favorite today!

7. Cross Timbers Winery

Location: 805 N Main St
Monday: Closed
Tuesday thru Friday: 3:00 – 8:00pm
Saturday: 12:00 – 5:00pm
Sunday: 12:30 – 5:00pm
Tasting options: Four 1-oz Tastings for $8.00
Five 1-oz Tastings and a Large Souvenir Glass for $16.00
Wine by the Glass $6.50-$8

Cross Timbers Winery is located in the historic Dorris Brock family farm house, one of the five oldest structures in Grapevine. Dr. Dorris, one of the first physicians in Grapevine, began building the country Victorian home in 1874, after his pioneering family arrived on the Grapevine Prairie. Today, the home’s been renovated and the “ol’ barn” has been rebuilt according to the memories of former residents.

Owner and winemaker, Don Bigbie carries a selection of Cross Timbers wine and Casa Madero wine from Grapevine’s sister city,  Parras de la Fuente, Mexico. Did you know that Casa Madero is the oldest winery in the Americas?

Wines aren’t the only spirits at the winery

If you’re a fan of the paranormal, perhaps you’d like to do a little ghost hunting with your wine tasting? Legend says that former resident, Patti Weatherman still haunts the property.

8. Delaney Vineyards and Winery

Location: 2000 Champagne Blvd
Sunday & Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Saturday: 12:00 – 5:00pm

Delaney Vineyards and Winery is the oldest winery in Grapevine and the largest vineyard in North Texas. The winery began in the 1980s, when Jerry Delaney, a third generation cotton farmer, decided to plant vines in the West Texas town of Lamesa. In 1993, Delaney decided to see if what they learned in Lamesa would work well in Grapevine. After a couple years of trial and error, the winery was opened to the public in 1995.

Local wine

Want a true local experience? Try the Cynthiana wine, grown, produced and bottled right here in Grapevine.

9. Farina’s Winery and Cafe

Location: 420 S. Main Street
Monday & Tuesday: 11:00am – 9:00pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 11:00am – 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 11:00am – 11:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am – 8:00pm

Tasting options:
Happy hour: 4-6:30pm Monday-Friday

The slogan of Farina’s Winery and Cafe is “Where friends meet.” Meet your friends here to sample Farina’s red blend, reserve or white blend, enjoy an international wine or frozen cocktail before an Italian meal.

10. Grape Vine Springs Winery

Location: 409 S. Main Street
Monday-Wednesday: 11:00am – 7:00pm
Thursday: 11:00am – 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 11:00am – 10:00pm
Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00pm
Tasting options:
Wine flight: 3 tastings for $10
Winery Tour: $25 per person for a 60-75 minute tour including a souvenir glass and two glasses of wine
Blending class: Make a wine that’s uniquely you!

Most popular wines

Grape Vine Springs Winery produces over 30 kinds of wine- many of which are medal winners. Don’t miss their Rodeo Red, Wild West Berry and Decadence Dessert Wines.

Daily specials

At Grape Vine Springs Winery, every day is worth celebrating! From 1:00 – 5:00pm Monday through Thursday, select glasses of wine are only $3. On Daiquiri Mondays, frozen daiquiris are only $4 all day. On Tipsy Tuesday, you’ll get 40% off all bottles of (on-premise) wine with the purchase of a cheese platter. Get 10% off all bottles of wine and buy one glass, get the second 50% off on Wine Down Wednesday. On Thirsty Thursday, enjoy glasses of wine and frozen daiquiris for just $5 each. Celebrate Sunday with $4 mimosas all day!

The Night Watchman Ghost Tour begins and ends at Grape Vine Springs Winery. Got the heebie jeebies? This tour runs most Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and includes a glass of wine in the $20 ticket price.

Did someone say road trip? Former Grapevine wineries with other locations in Texas!

Umbra Winery (Closed– visit their vineyard in Springtown) 

Tasting options: Flights range from $10-22 for three types of wine or four vintages of Umbra Estate Port

Umbra Winery is a labor of love. Umbra is the term to describe the shadow of two objects coming together (like the moon and the Earth in an eclipse). This winery is the result of John and his wife, Debbie, to create a slice of Spanish and Italian wine culture in North Texas. Separately, both John and Debbie Wilson have extensive experience living and traveling in Europe and fell in love with the culture. And after meeting at a wine tasting (of course!), they fell in love with each other.

In 2013, John and Debbie purchased Little Elm- based Crossroads Winery (established in 2005). They rebranded to Umbra and moved their urban tasting room to Main Street, Grapevine. As the demand for their product grew, the couple purchased La Buena Vida vineyards, the third oldest vineyard and winery in the state of Texas in 2016 from Dr. Bobby Smith. They’re working to fill big shoes, as Dr. Bobby is a legend in the Texas wine-making space. He’s responsible for legislation to benefit winemakers and was an innovator in the industry.

John and Debbie have inherited Dr. Bobby’s 30+ year old Texas port and continue to grow eight varietals including Tempranillo, Grenache and Viognier grapes. Umbra winery is a grape to glass production, where John (a chemical engineer by training) is the chief winemaker. In Springtown, the Wilson family farms 7.5 acres of vineyards and produces 2,500 cases of wine on site each year.

Wine Tasting at Umbra

The most popular wines

At the Grapevine tasting room, try Umbra wines and honey mead. Their 50% Cabernet, 25% Syrah and 25% Merlot Red Fusion is the fan favorite and a three-time award winner. And their honey mead has been the Scarborough Fair drink of choice for 28 years. Is the European atmosphere making you want to go international? Try flights of sparkling wines and boutique European imports. Their flights menu offers five different wine options, ranging in price from $10 to $14 for three 2oz pours. Try Umbra wines or embrace the Italian vibe with a flight of sweet, sparkling wines. Or, try a flight of four vintages of port, made by Dr. Bobby from 1987-2010 for $22.  Learn about events and closings at their Facebook page.

Red Fusion by Umbra Winery

Visit the vineyard in Springtown

If you want to leave Grapevine for a day trip or a weekend getaway, the Springtown site is worth a visit! Stay in an adorable cabin and tour the winery and vineyards.

Umbra at La Buena Vida Vineyards fountain

Visit the barrel room dedicated to Dr. Bobby G. Smith, the man whose dream to create a thriving wine business resulted in La Buena Vida Vineyards, the third oldest winery and vineyard in Texas, now part of Umbra. Dr. Bobby’s work with growers, winery owners and legislators changed the entire industry. Without the man who became the Master Commander of the Charter of the Knights of the Vine for Texas, who knows whether Main Street would be the bustling wine walk it is today!

Umbra at La Buena Vida Vineyards barrel room

You can also say hello to the 16 animals who call the vineyard home- donkeys, sheep and several vineyard dogs. The site is an ideal location for a wedding, too, complete with a European church bell from 1882 which can be rung when the couple is officially married.

Homestead Winery at Grapevine Wine Tasting Room (Closed– visit their location in Denison, TX)

Tasting options:
$7 for 5 wines

Stepping foot into Homestead Winery is a glimpse into Grapevine’s past. The tasting room first opened in 1998 and is the longest operating tasting room in Grapevine and one of the oldest wine bars in Texas.

100% Texas-grown

This is just one of three tasting rooms operated by the Homestead Winery. Other locations include Denison and Ivanhoe, where the Parker family makes all of their wine with 100% Texas-grown grapes. Gabe and Barbara Parker began the winery 30 years ago on land homesteaded by their family in the Red River Valley 130 years ago. There, they grow their own grapes and make wine with those and grapes purchased from farmers in the High Plains region of Texas.

Homestead Winery tasting room

Award winning wines

At the tasting room, you can choose from 16 kinds of wine, ranging from the popular Ivanhoe Knights red blend to their award winning moscato to the sweet Chocolate Rose. They offer a laid back atmosphere that attracts locals and loyal wine club members and makes visitors feel at ease. Tastings include five wines for $7.

If you fall in love with one of the wines you taste, head to the other side of the house to go shopping. Signatures from clients cover the walls of the shop. The tradition began decades ago when the staff signed the walls after a party at tasting room.

Homestead Winery Grapevine

In between glasses of wine, be sure to check out the best desserts in Grapevine!  Which winery in Grapevine is your favorite?

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