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10 free ways to cook, eat, and drink your way through quarantine

If you’re a foodie like me, you’re likely missing brunches, happy hours, and trying out new restaurants. You’re probably aching to join another cooking class. And if you’re a quarantined foodie who loves to travel, you’re definitely missing food tours! For times like these, when we can’t go to happy hours, cafés and cooking classes, there are some incredible opportunities to bring some out-of-this-world foodie experiences into your home for free! 

10 free virtual experiences for the quarantined foodie

1. Take cooking lessons (virtually) in Julia Child’s kitchen

A few years ago, I attended the Courageous Cooking School at La Pitchoune, Julia Child’s summer home in Provence, France. Spaces sell out over a year in advance and the school is quite pricey (worth every penny, though). The home is closed to visitors, and until now, the only way to see inside was to rent the entire home or take a week-long cooking course. 

Over the next couple weeks, La Peetch is offering free, virtual cooking lessons inside Julia’s famous pegboard kitchen. Current owner, Makenna Held, and head chef Dominie are creating recipe-free masterpieces from items you probably already have lying around your home! 

When: April 20, 25, 27

May 2, 4, 9, 11

When: 12-2pm Eastern Time

Where:  Facebook Live 

Julia Child's kitchen at La Peetch

Julia Child’s kitchen at La Peetch

2. Drink in a New York State of Mind

Crack an ice cold beer– 6:30pm Eastern Time is happy hour. If you want to visit a new brewery in New York every day, play virtual games, and listen to great New York accents, join the Think NY Drink NY virtual happy hour.  These Facebook Live events take you into the taprooms of different New York State Brewers Association craft breweries every night. Have you ever met a brewer who’s not a barrel of fun and completely passionate about their craft? I haven’t! Join them for fun, games, and a virtual beverage! 

3. Don’t worry… be mallow! 

When I included Jessica from Luxe and the Lady on my top dessert Instagram accounts to follow, she told me she was working on a virtual marshmallow party, planned for release this Sunday, April 5! I love parties… and I love marshmallows, so it sounded like a dream come true! 

Crepe Cake with Marshmallow Clouds

Marshmallow cloud rainbow crepe cake Photo credit: Jessica Lucius of Luxe and the Lady

Follow Jessica on her blog, Luxe and the Lady, and Instagram so and join the virtual marshmallow-making party! She promises we’ll all learn how to make marshmallows softer and squishier than the store bought kind!

Also, while we’re all excited about marshmallows, it seems like a perfect time to share my s’mores Purim costume!

S'mores Purim Costume

4. Queer Eye for the Quarantined Guy (or Girl)

If you’ve always dreamed of getting a whole life upgrade by the Fab Five, you’re in luck! Antoni invites followers to join him (virtually, of course) in his kitchen for his IGTV cooking show, Quar Eye. In these videos, Antoni shares punny recipes like the Farro-Way from Others Bowl, Cooped Up Chicken and Meet-Less Mondays. Is he going stir crazy? Yes. Does that make for a really entertaining cooking show? Also yes. 

5. Take a royally awesome cooking class in London

Take a peek inside the Borough Market’s Demo Kitchen as some of London’s top chefs, food photographers and cookbook authors share their wisdom with the world wide web! Every day at 8am Eastern, Borough Market live streams a demo on Instagram. Upcoming classes include Nordic kitchen stories and Easter treats!

Secret London Food Tours Borough Market

Borough Market

6. Netflix and stay 6 feet away

This is not the time to Netflix and chill (at least not with anyone who doesn’t live with you). But for many of us who live alone, it’s the perfect time to catch up on great foodie documentaries and cooking shows. You definitely shouldn’t be getting together with friends right now, but you can safely have a Netflix Party! This Chrome extension allows you to sync Netflix accounts with friends and chat through a text box during the movie!

Foodie TV Shows on Netflix now

A few series recommendations for viewers who love to eat: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat; Ugly DeliciousZumbo’s Just Desserts (I worked at his cafe in Melbourne!); Chef’s Table; Sugar Rush.

Foodie Movies on Netflix now

A few movie recommendations for viewers who love to eat: Julie and JuliaThe Hundred Foot JourneyAlways be my Maybe.

7. Food quizzes that will blow your mind

Choose A Food In Every Color And We’ll Reveal Your Hogwarts House. Seems unlikely, right? But Buzzfeed knows everything and my answers correctly sorted me into Hufflepuff. If you want to test out the mystical Buzzfeed magic, you can find all of their food-related quizzes here

8. A highly recommended virtual dessert tour

Before the world went into lockdown, I was supposed to be in the Netherlands this month… a virtual tour is the next best thing! Join Jessica and Sean from A Wanderlust for Life on a dessert tour through Amsterdam to satisfy a sweet tooth. Warning: since we can’t actually eat what’s on the screen, it may make cravings worse! (Sorry, y’all, no special cookies or brownies here).

9.Go to Puerto Rico

Lol. JK. Stay home. But Discover Puerto Rico is inviting grounded travelers to spend some virtual time discovering the Caribbean country. Local chefs and mixologists share their secrets for amazing Puerto Rican cuisine and cocktails on Instagram Stories a few times a week at 7pm Eastern. 

10.Drink with Ina Garten 

Ina Garten, perhaps better known as the Barefoot Contessa, recently posted on Instagram about keeping traditions alive during these uncertain times. And her favorite tradition is happy hour! According to her, “It’s always cocktail hour in a crisis!” In the Instagram post below, she shares her favorite Cosmopolitan recipe. I’ll cheers to that!


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Free things to do for the quarantined foodie

Alanna Koritzke

Wednesday 27th of May 2020

Gahhh all the free classes are overwhelming! I can't wait to give some a go! One of the only positives of this situation is everyone sharing their art, expertise, and love. Humanity is beautiful!


Wednesday 27th of May 2020

Agreed-- there are so many creative opportunities and acts of kindness happening right now. I hope we don't forget it all when this is over. Enjoy the classes!