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Instagrammable desserts in Lisbon: bring a sweet tooth and a camera!

When I first visited Lisbon, someone told me that it’s a city with a sweet tooth. There are so many traditional desserts and pastries here that I could probably try a different one every single day for an entire year, and still not scratch the surface. That’s not what this post is about, though. Bring your camera, your sweet tooth, and a flair for colorful fun, because we’re going to discover Lisbon’s most Instagrammable desserts!

Desserts are always better when shared with a friend, and Jessica from A Wanderlust for Life came to Lisbon recently for a sweet adventure! You can watch us try Instagrammable desserts in Lisbon here:

Discover the most Instagrammable desserts in Lisbon


Flower ice cream

I have a love-hate relationship with flowers. 

Do I love when someone buys me a beautiful bouquet to show they’re thinking of me? Oh, yes. 

Do I hate when they die and I’m forced to throw out the once-beautiful florals? Also, yes. 

But Amorino Gelato has solved this problem by serving gelato in the shape of a rose. Choose a few flavors to create a colorful flower that will never die— you’ll just have to eat it before it melts! 

Amorino rose-shaped gelato Lisbon

Scoop ‘n Dough

Vegan donut 

Happy Cow ranked Scoop ‘n Dough as the best vegan donuts in the world, and I was in the MOOd for something sweet!

Scoop ‘n Dough doesn’t just create gorgeous and tasty doughnuts— their flavors are all kinds of creative. 

Fig + wine

My first Scoop ’n Dough experience was with their fig + wine donut. I fell so in love with the looks that I got greedy with the photos, resulting in a mascarpone-topped tile. After cleaning the delicious-looking tiles off the ground, I ate the donut and started making plans for my next visit to the donut shop. 

Fig + wine vegan donut from Scoop + Dough

Donut + waffle

When it comes to sweets, two is better than one. That’s why I tried the ice cream-topped donut. I tried to decide between the cookie dough + brownie ice cream and the sesame seed ice cream, and the rich, nutty flavor (and Instagrammable black color) won. 

(Don’t forget— even the ice cream is vegan, so dairy-free friends can enjoy it!) 

Vegan donut and ice cream


If you’ve eaten dinner at a restaurant in Portugal, you know all about the couvert. You may think the bread and spreads are a sweet gift from the chef, but não! You will certainly have to pay for that pre-meal snack. Scoop + Dough pays homage to the traditional couvert with their savory donut, which consists of smoked buttercream with oak chips, homemade tapenade of truffled olives, vegetable “gelatin” of Alentejo olive oil and “pangrattato” of reused surplus doughnuts + micro-celery.

Crush Doughnuts

American-style doughnuts

Crush Doughnuts Lisbon

I’ve got a crush… and it’s on these American-style donuts. (Is anyone surprised that I’m crushing on sugar?) 

If you love fluffy donuts that taste as good as they look, get ready for your next foodie love affair. Flavors like Nutella with Love, Pink Summer, and Red Velvet will make your mouth water (and your likes soar)!

You can find Crush Doughnuts at:

  • TimeOut Market Lisboa
  • Ground Burger
  • Av. António Augusto Aguiar 140E (São Sebastião)

Mini Bar by José Avillez

Passion fruit with coconut sorbet

When you visit Mini Bar, nothing is as it seems. A rose isn’t really a rose, and while diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend, the gems at Mini Bar will melt before you can recite the 4 Cs. The 12-course meal wows from start to finish, and the “passion fruit” is no exception. 

Crack the frozen shell to dip into creamy passion fruit cream, and once you’ve made it past the sweet and sour sphere, you’ll be treated to a base of coconut ice cream and passion fruit puree.

Bring your camera and an appetite because this meal is designed to amaze. 

Mini Bar roses

Pop Cereal 

Cereal Shake

When I visited Lisbon in 2019, I was on a freakshake kick. I came from Australia, where I’d eaten the monstrous milkshakes in Perth and Melbourne, and needed to satisfy my OTT sweet tooth needs. 

Try a freakshake at Pop Cereal

Freakshake at Pop Cereal in Lisbon

Enter: Pop Cereal. This cereal cafe creates Instaworthy milkshakes, as well as cereal bowls with unique flavor pairings– like their Before and After Eight that comes with Mint M&Ms, Clusters Chocolate, and mint milk! 

Bubble Lab 

Bubble tea, bubble waffle, and mochi

I’m not quite sure when an obsession is considered “unhealthy,” but I flirt with that line when it comes to bubble tea. Bubble Lab goes a step further than traditional bubble tea to offer popping boba, cheese cream, and more. 

Need something to snack on? Bubble Lab’s bubble waffles (served with scoops of ice cream) or ice cream mochi make a perfect pairing. 

Bubble Lab mochi

With the gorgeous Azulejo tiles and bright yellow trams, any dessert can become the most Instagrammable dessert in Lisbon. Did you visit one of these spots? Tag me on Instagram at @thesweetwanderlust and use the tag #Lisbonissweet! I can’t wait to see your sweet adventures! 

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