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Sweet Tooth Hotel: Dallas’ most Instagrammable summer pop up

From LA to New York and Melbourne to Manila, dessert-themed experiential museums are popping up all around the world. When my trip back home to Dallas, Texas coincided with the opening of the Sweet Tooth Hotel’s third chapter, I made my reservation and prepared for a wonderland of candy-coated art. And it’s a good thing I did! This is the hottest new ‘hotel’ in town, and reservations are filling up quickly.


Sweet Tooth Hotel is back and it’s bling-ier than ever! Gone are the sugar-sweet exhibits of 2018 (check that out at the bottom of this post). In their place is an experiential pop up with a biker-meets-rockstar vibe. The Sweet Tooth Hotel partnered with px.lab, who combine music and new media for an interactive experience.

The Sweet Wanderlust Pro Tip #1: Peruse @SweetToothHotel’s tags on Instagram and the #SweetToothHotel hashtag for photo ideas. The pop-up is awesome and overwhelming, so it’s a good idea to know what pics you’re after before you go! For some inspiration, check out my posts @thesweetwanderlust!

The lobby

Jeremy Biggers + Regular Projects

Ok… So, not ALL the sugar sweet is gone. Check out the wall of conversation hearts for a candy-coated photo!

The Sweet Tooth Hotel Conversation Hearts in the lobby

Sweet Tooth Hotel partnered with Steve’s Ice cream to give guests a sweet experience! The brand is on the forefront of the craft ice cream movement – starting with creative flavors in 1973.

Jeremy Biggers x Steve’s Ice Cream


Tramaine Townsend

This is where the sugar rush ends. In this digital age, all eyes are on us all the time. And even when we think we’re alone, Alexa’s listening. In this room full of cameras, you can’t help but wonder… Who is watching?

Deified Room


Shamsy Roomiani

Actual rose petals are so 2018. In Bedspring, bathe in a kaleidoscope of petals made of light. Don’t get too comfy, though, the Sweet Tooth Hotel has so much more to offer and you don’t want to snooze through it!

Bedspring by Shamsy Roomiani

Bedspring room

Rose Garden + Disco Hallway

A Little Party Co

Upon entering into the Discotech, you’re surrounded by floral and feminine roses. As you make your way down the hall, floral gives way to funky and the disco begins!

Disco Hallway

The Throne Room + Joyride

PX.Lab x Houz of Noel

Y’all… I felt just like Beyoncé in the Throne Room and Joyride. It’s blinged out to the extreme, from the oversized throne (you can call me Queen B) to the glitterified Mercedes.

In the Throne Room, be sure to take a look up and ahead… if you can get your face in the right place, you just may see yourself magnified behind you. (Even if you can’t quite figure it out, like me, it’s still pretty darn awesome!)

Throne Room

Zoom through the galaxies in this decked out Mercedes Benz as light projections take you places you’ve definitely never been before!

Are you ready for a Joyride?


VIP Room

Houz of Noel

If you want to party like a rock star, head on over to Disco Diamond’s VIP room. The intergalactic pop star’s music is featured throughout the exhibit, and you can try on her tour costumes, designed by Houz of Noel!

The Sweet Tooth Hotel Dallas Disco Diamond VIP Room

The Sweet Tooth Hotel Dallas VIP Room

Reign Bar

It’s time to party like it’s 1999… Prince style! The Reign Bar is set up in shades of purple, paying homage to Prince himself! Try a selection of Truly Hard Seltzer, beer, champagne or signature cocktails including: 1999, Little Red Corvette, Raspberry Beret, The Sweet Tooth and  Purple Rain.

Thursday 12pm – 9pm
Friday      12pm – 10pm
Saturday  12pm – 10pm
Sunday    12pm – 9pm

Reign Motorcycle

Built by Bender x The Moto Conspiracy

Inside Reign Bar, this motorcycle is the reigns supreme! Inspired by Prince’s Purple Rain, this 1980s Honda CM400 has been specially customized, just for this exhibit.

Reign Motorcycle

Rainbow + Disco Restroom


I don’t think I’ve ever had restroom regrets… but I wish I’d gone into the Poo-pourri restrooms! The creativity of this brand is evident from the door, and I’m sure it’s even better inside. Don’t miss out!

Poo-pourri rainbow restroom

New for 2019: Work out at the Discotech!

Fitness Ambassadors

This year, the experience got a little more hands on! Join a Glow Dance Cardio or Yoga class! I loved the Dance Cardio class, and used plenty of gems to get all glammed out before working up a sweat.

The Sweet Tooth Hotel Dallas Glow yoga with Fitness Ambassadors

After my Glow Dance Cardio with Martha, I was given the decision between champagne, Truly Hard Seltzer and a scoop of Steve’s Ice Cream. Guess what I chose? This Wildflower, Honey Pistachio is dairy free and delicious!

Steve’s Wildflower, Honey Pistachio dairy-free ice cream

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2018 was pretty sweet, too!

Here’s a look at what happened at last year’s Sweet Tooth Hotel!

On arrival at the Sweet Tooth Hotel, a concierge escorts guests into the lobby area, which doubles as a retail space. The Sweet Tooth Hotel has partnered with brands like Pin Stash, Kendra Scott, JOY Macarons, Valfré, Leatherology, Read Between the Lines and Hairstory who have created a line of sweet souvenirs.

Sweet Tooth Hotel - Kendra Scott Earrings

After perusing the Gift Shoppe, follow the concierge through the Sweet Tooth Hotel for a 5-minute tour and introduction. Listen closely for tips and tricks on getting the best Instagram shot… these ladies are pros!

Remember The Sweet Wanderlust Pro Tip #1?: Here are some of my favorite Instagram photo’s from 2018 at The Sweet Tooth Hotel!

After the introduction, beeline to your favorite exhibit to get your shot! If you have a tripod, bring it! The lighting makes for an awesome mood… but is tricky for photography. I overexpose most of my photos, and to get the look I wanted without the blur, a tripod was a must!

Room by Room at the Sweet Tooth Hotel in Dallas

Sunset Lounge

Built by Bender

As kids, we pretended to get engaged with Ring Pops. As adults, Built by Bender modeled a Southwestern house of mirrors with a Ring Pop-spiked cactus.

Sweet Tooth Hotel cactus with ring pops

Sprinkle Spa

Built by Bender and Beau Bollinger

This is my favorite room at the Sweet Tooth Hotel. The Sprinkle Spa tub is adorable, and the donut mirror and cotton-candy pink sink left me wondering why I never thought to decorate my house like this.

Sweet Tooth Hotel donut mirror

And the dessert-themed wigs are incredible. I’ve been contemplating trying out the donut bun, but these wigs are a far less messy way to show my candy crush.

Sweet Tooth Hotel wig


Chelsea Delzell

I never thought I’d describe a sugar-inspired space as calming, but the Horizon area, with a pastel-hued Ring Pop cactus and a sign which reads Sweet Dreams in Korean, left me feeling zen.

Sweet Tooth Hotel ring pop cactus Sweet Dreams at Sweet Tooth Hotel Dallas

Candy Paint Drippin’

Jeremy Biggers

If you run across artwork with realistic looking lips, you can bet that it’s a piece by Jeremy Biggers. This larger-than-life mural is the perfect way to enter the Sweet Tooth Hotel.

Sweet Tooth Hotel Jeremy Biggers mural Dallas

Rainbow Confection

Shamsy Roomiani

Don’t be afraid to get a little loud! The sound-activated cotton candy clouds light up when you talk! I love this whimsical space, full of cotton candy clouds, rainbows and flower-filled raindrops.

Sweet Tooth Hotel Dallas cotton candy clouds Sweet Tooth Hotel sound activated cotton candy cloud

Dream Suite

Built by Bender

If my bedside tables had a built-in space for Jolly Ranchers, I’d never sleep! But I could definitely live in this room. With JOY Macarons (one of my favorite macarons in Dallas) floating above the bed made of shoe soles, sweet dreams are inevitable.

Sweet Tooth Hotel - Sweet Dreams Sweet Tooth Hotel flamingo light Sweet Tooth Hotel Joy's macaron Sweet Tooth Hotel Joy's Macaron table Sweet Tooth Hotel Joy's Macaron flamingo table

Candy Cuisine

Built by Bender, JoJo Chuang & Goodies Cakery

I regularly eat candy and ice cream for breakfast… but gummy worms in milk?! Marshmallow-only cereal!? This kitchen is what dreams are made of!

Breakfast at Sweet Tooth Hotel Dallas Sweet Tooth Hotel Dallas - marshmallow cereal Sweet Tooth Hotel - gummi worm cereal Sweet Tooth Hotel kitchen


Built by Bender

Open the fridge and step inside.

Sweet Tooth Hotel fridge

Depending on the kind of person you are, your reaction will fall into one of two categories.

Me: OHMYGOSH! Nine-year-old me would have LOVED this! I always wanted to win all the stuffed animals at the fair!!
Friend: This is the stuff of nightmares.

Sweet Tooth Hotel toy room Sweet Tooth Hotel stuffed animals Sweet Tooth Hotel Dallas exit Sweet Tooth Hotel crazy mirrorv
Which kind of person are you?

The Sweet Wanderlust Pro Tip #2: Even if you think you’ve gotten all the pictures you need, stay for the full hour. You paid for it… enjoy the full experience. Plus, many people will leave once they’ve seen all the rooms, meaning less competition to get the perfect shot for Instagram!

When the bell dinged, signaling our check-out, I wondered whether anyone would notice if I moved into the Sweet Tooth Hotel. I think I’d make a pretty good live exhibit “Girl Eats All the Sugar.” Alas, this sugar rush of an experience finished way too soon, leaving me with sweet dreams and a camera full of Insta-worthy shots. Don’t miss any of them… follow along at @thesweetwanderlust!

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