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Sydney’s most OTT desserts

Sydney may have been voted the least fun city in the world… but I assure you that food could not have been one of the voting criterion. I teamed up with fellow adventurer, Waylon from Bungy World Tour, to try all the best Sydney has to offer. We ended our 3-day adventure with sugar hangovers and a few extra pounds, but I’d do it again in a (slightly more labored) heartbeat.

Aqua S

Sea salt soft serve ice cream cone

This is the treat that keeps on giving. And by giving, I mean that when you order this delicious treat with fairy floss, it will melt and get all over your outfit. But it will be worth it. Order their aqua blue sea salt soft serve in a charcoal cone. Then, add on an over the top cloud of fairy floss and stick in a toasted marshmallow for good measure.Aqua S Sydney OTT dessert fairy floss ice cream

Bare Grill on Bourke

Gaytime Bare-shake

Bare Grill is responsible for bringing the over-the-top shake to Sydney. As my first experience with a Golden Gaytime, I’m not sure how a plain old ice cream bar can ever compete to this OTT bare-shake.

Sydney best dessert Bare Grill on Bourke Bare Shake

Sydney most over the top Bare Grill on Bourke Bare Shake

The Grounds of Alexandria

Unicorn Soda

I believe in unicorns. And I believe that The Grounds’ Unicorn soda is magical and delicious. Served exclusively at their Soda Barn, it’s made with rainbow ice cream, blue soda, whipped cream, melted chocolate, cotton candy, sprinkles, meringue, and a lollypop. Despite its over-the-top appearance, it’s really quite light.

After finishing this soda, be sure to take a wander around The Grounds’ extensive property. Can you find Kevin Bacon, the pig-in-residence?

Sydney's most over the top The Grounds of Alexandria Unicorn Soda


Tim & Tams and Fresh AF Frap’ Shaky Shakes

While most of the freakshakes I’ve tried are a chaotic compilation of sugary goodness, Hattrick’s shaky shakes are a work of art.

The Tim & Tams shake is made with Nutella, Tim Tams and caramel fudge and topped with M&Ms and Crunchie Jenga. The shake is smooth and rich and the Crunchie on top adds great texture.

Best Sydney dessert Hattrick Tim & Tam’s

Because we were at 3 mega-shakes by this point, we opted for a healthy-ish shake in the Fresh AF Frap’. Made with mango, mint, lemon and lime, it’s super refreshing and is the perfect combination of sweet and sour.

Best Sydney dessert Hattrick Fresh AF Frap’ Shaky Shakes

Holy Shake

Rainbow Bulb

The name of the rainbow bulb is slightly misleading. When I was handed a tan-colored milk tea, I thought I received someone else’s order… then the woman behind the counter pressed a button on the bottom of the bulb, beginning a techno-style light show. Once the bulb was 1/4 full, the light shone through and it was a party in my cup. I’d love to see how this drink looks at night.

Best Sydney dessert Holy Shake Rainbow Bulb

i-creamy Artisan Gelato

Flower Gelato

Have you ever seen an ice cream as beautiful as this? The gelato is painstakingly chipped and placed on the cone to reveal a flower. A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet… but a rose by i-creamy Artisan Gelato tastes sweet, too! Just a piece of advice: don’t spend too much time taking photos because once this flower begins to melt, it’s a messy one to eat!

Best Sydney dessert i-Creamy artisan gelato flower

Milky Land Bondi

Mega Shake

Make a reservation and munch on a Chic-Kanye or a Tu Pork Shakur burger in the funkiest burger bar I’ve ever visited. And for dessert (or an appetizer), check out their latest Mega Shake! I tried their Nutella Mega Shake with Maltesers, but they have new specials regularly, so be sure to ask!

Milky Lane Bondi freakshake

Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar

Turkish Delight Latte and Signature Lavender Shortbread

Turkish Delight is one of my favorite sweets. First of all, it takes me back to the Middle East and one of my favorite places in the world. Second, most people don’t like it, so I don’t have to share. #doesnotsharewellwithothers

I was delighted (get it?!) to find a Turkish Delight latte that looks as beautiful as it tastes. Pair it with their Signature Lavender Shortbread, an Instagram favorite topped with edible petals for a floral explosion in your mouth.

best dessert Sydney Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar Turkish Delight Latte and Signature Lavender Shortbread

The Vogue Cafe

Christmas Killer Shakes

We chose to try The Vogue Cafe’s special Christmas shakes, but Killer Shakes are available year-round. The precision with which these shakes are made qualify The Vogue Cafe’s kitchen staff as artists.

Sydney's best desserts The Vogue Cafe Christmas Killer Shakes

Zero Degrees

Puffer Fish

The puffer fish ice cream from Zero Degrees has been on my list to try for months now. We ordered one of the heaping cones and ate the ice cream. (Note to Americans missing Chick-fil-A’s ice dream cone… this tastes the same!!) The only big surprise was the actual cone part. I took a big bite and immediately regretted not reading the sign about it being filled with red beans. They’re not really my thing, but if you enjoy them, it’s a great savory/ sweet combination.

best Sydney dessert Zero Degrees Puffer Fish

We only scratched the surface of Sydney’s most OTT desserts… which one is your favorite?

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Sydney's most OTT desserts


Monday 15th of January 2018

OMG! Such a mouthwatering Desserts.

Travel ETA Australia

Tuesday 7th of February 2017

wow, the foods are very artistic. I imagine the taste as it melts in my mouth. Btw, the rainbow bulb is quite unique and I love the concept.


Tuesday 7th of February 2017

I hope you get to try a lightbulb drink soon!


Friday 3rd of February 2017

I LOVED the Tella Ball Milkshake at the Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery in Erskineville, NSW - SO GOOD!!


Saturday 4th of February 2017

How could I forget that?! Best birthday breakfast ever!