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Shaking up some fun at The Avenue Cookery School London

I’ve taken cooking classes all around the world. I learned to make Thai food in Thailand, French food in France, and Italian food in Italy. It only makes sense that I’d learn to make vegan food and cocktails in London.

I was invited to a vegan sushi and cocktail class at The Avenue Cookery School, and as a Texan, the concept of veganism is perhaps even more foreign to me than learning to roll sushi. I sent in my RSVP, excited to learn more about the food trend that’s sweeping the world. 

The Avenue Cookery School Team

The team at The Avenue welcomed us like family, because they are a family. We met fun and friendly mom, Diana, who welcomed us with a giant smile and a warmth that dispelled any jitters.  Son, Rich, is the sushi guru who gave us a brief history lesson and tips for sushi success! The mirror hanging above the teaching table ensures that everyone has a great view of what’s going on. The free-flowing Prosecco perhaps kept the information from soaking into our brain… but it was there, nonetheless!

Sushi Making & Cocktail Shaking Class

The Sushi

During the course of our 2.5 hour class, we learned strategies for cooking the perfect sushi rice and what differentiates sushi rice from risotto rice. We chopped vegetables to include in sushi, cutting them in long, thin strips. (Since we’re making vegan sushi, we don’t include any fish or animal products.)

The Avenue Cookery School - Rebecca Crew Photography Vegan Sushi Class

Photo Credit: Rebecca Crew Photography

Our Nori sheets were loaded with rice, vegetables, Follow Your Heart Vegenaise and Kikkoman soy sauce. Then, we practiced three methods for forming the perfect roll: Hoso maki (small roll), Ura-hoso maki (inside out small roll) and Te maki (hand roll). Rich also taught us how to fix mistakes just in case those perfect rolls are a little less than perfect. 

The Avenue Cookery School - Rebecca Crew Photography Vegan Sushi Class

Photo Credit: Rebecca Crew Photography

The Yuzu Cocktail

Even more than the delicious (if I do say so myself) sushi, what really interested me was the creative yuzu cocktail we shook up that evening. I’ve never considered adding yuzu or cooking sake to a cocktail, but I will in the future. It turns out that it’s really nice outside my comfort zone!

The Avenue Cookery School - Rebecca Crew Photography Yuzu Cocktail

Photo Credit: Rebecca Crew Photography

For more creative cocktails and strategies for creating your perfect sushi roll, check out The Avenue Cookery School’s schedule of classes and book one for yourself!

Note: I was a guest of The Avenue Cookery School in London for this blogger event. Thank you to the event sponsors: Follow Your Heart Vegenaise, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Yutaka, Organic Delivery Company, Thomson & Scott Prosecco, Fentimans Tonic, Big Dogs Vodka, Drink Stuff Cocktail Shakers and ND Cake Atelier. 

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The Avenue Cookery School London sushi and cocktail class