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Unicorn cafés around the world guaranteed to make you smile

As a girl who’s been described as a Disney Princess on more than one occasion, it only makes sense that I’d feel right at home in a unicorn cafe. Savvy businessmen and women are capitalizing on this fun and fanciful trend and these Instagrammable cafés are popping up around the world.

Thanks to the Dessert Museum in Manila, I own my very own pair of unicorn slippers. And thanks to Amazon, I have an adorable unicorn onesie. My life is basically a unicorn café. But for those of you who do not travel with full unicorn gear, here’s where you can immerse yourself in rainbow and unicorn culture.

Unicorn Cafés around the world

Bangkok, Thailand

Unicorn Café

Unfortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to visit the Unicorn Café in Bangkok. Fortunately, my friend Janet (aka Journalist on the Run) visited and has agreed to share her experience! Here’s what she has to say:

While visiting Bangkok earlier this year for the fourth time, the only place on my Bangkok bucket list was the now infamous Unicorn Café! I gathered some new friends together from the hostel and we set off on a unicorn adventure. While I knew the café would be over-the-top and probably hot pink, what awaited me behind the giant unicorn statue and swinging double doors was out of this world! I’ve never seen so much pink in my life. If you have a sweet tooth, then you will love the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok as I’m pretty sure everything on the menu is made from pure sugar and food coloring!


Photo credit: Journalist on the Run

We tried some super sweet shakes, pancakes, and waffles and even stole some crazy-colored food from our new friends at the table next to us.

Unicorn Cafe Bangkok

Photo credit: Journalist on the Run

For just $2 you could rent a unicorn onesie and dress up in the café to take photos. There were also hundreds, yes hundreds, of fun unicorn teddybears and paraphernalia to take photos with.


Photo credit: Journalist on the Run

I’m not sure I would go back again but I would highly recommend to anyone looking for something quirky to do in Thailand!

Manila, Philippines

Rainbow Dreams Café

Who says 32 is too old to play with stuffed animals? This adorable Rainbow Dreams Café in Quezon City, Manila was my first experience visiting a unicorn-themed café and I wasn’t disappointed!

Ube milkshake Rainbow Dreams Cafe Quezon City Manila

All the food on offer is rainbow themed and we had a hard time choosing just one or two things. In order to avoid disappointment, we ordered half the menu. We started with unicorn cheesecake, an ube milkshake, a rainbow waffle, all sugar-filled and colorful to the max.

Unicorn cheesecake at Rainbow Dreams Cafe Quezon City ManilaUnicorn Cafe Waffles Rainbow Dreams Cafe Quezon City Manila

But a girl can’t live on sugar alone (or so I’ve been told) and we moved on to a pink and purple pasta carbonara with stars made of cheese and ham. I have a feeling that whoever invented pasta is rolling over in their grave, but I loved this unique presentation of this Italian classic.

Pasta Carbonara Rainbow Dreams Cafe Quezon City Manila

When you spend the equivalent of $2.50, you’ll have the option to choose a unicorn onesie to wear after eating your meal. From itty bitty baby onesies to onesies big enough for a grown man, there’s a chance for everyone to unicornify themselves in the Philippines!

Rainbow Dreams cafe Quezon City Manila

Hanoi, Vietnam

Unicorn Kafé

When I visited Vietnam with my dad this summer, I expected to go scuba diving and trekking and adventuring. I did not expect to find a unicorn themed café in the country’s capital city.

We dodged motorbikes as we walked to the café, lured by the promise of cold drinks and colorful sweets. When we saw the rainbow lights in the distance, we bravely crossed the road and entered the magical Unicorn Kafé, called the happiest place in Hanoi.

Unicorn Kafe Hanoi Vietnam

Afraid to miss out on something amazing, we ordered two flavors of milkshakes, a slice of six-layer rainbow cake and an adorable unicorn cookie. We took the treats upstairs and began sifting through the hat rack full of unicorn onesies.

Rainbow 6 layer cake at Milkshake at the Unicorn Kafe Hanoi Vietnam

Most onesies in this café were Vietnamese-sized (ie. a little too small for this American and way too small for her dad). We made do, though, and our enthusiasm made up for the variance in sizing.

Unicorn Kafe Hanoi

We devoured our milkshakes and we were on a sugar-high all the way back to the hotel. The next day, the unicorn cookie was a perfect companion to Hanoi’s famous egg coffee. The Sweet Wanderlust pro tip: get the egg coffee with chocolate added!

Cafe Giang Egg coffee Hanoi Vietnam

I’m hoping the unicorn trend will stay for a very long time, because the happiness levels achieved in these cafés are unparalleled. Plus, can you think of any other concept that encourages entire meals of sugar?

Have I missed any unicorn cafés? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll do my best to visit them soon!

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The world's best unicorn cafesUnicorn cafés around the world guaranteed to make you smile