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Ninja lessons in Kyoto: a surefire way to impress friends

So you want to be a ninja? If throwing stars and blowing darts sounds like a lot of fun to you, book your trip to Kyoto, Japan right now! At the Ninja Dojo and Store, you can experience the authentic and traditional ninja lessons in a fun, environment.

My knowledge of ninjas comes mainly from Hollywood. But did you know that ninjas were the covert agents of the Sengoku Period (15th-17th centuries)? Some of these undercover spies were farmers by day, carrying out missions of espionage and sabotage by night.

At the Ninja Dojo and Store, you can sign up for ninja training in Kyoto, where you’ll learn the ancient art of how to be a ninja. Unlike the predecessors before you… you don’t have to keep your training a secret!

Perfecting my ninja pose in Kyoto at Ninja DOJO and Store

Want to impress your friends and family? Take Ninja lessons in Japan!

Ninja Dojo and Store offers a range of ninja training. If you’re short on time, you can take a short lesson to focus on one ninja skill. However, I recommend the entry-level one-hour ninja training. Kyoto has so many fun things to do – but this is the best way to make the most of your time as a ninja.

Shuriken in Kyoto at Ninja DOJO and Store

Dress like a ninja

The ninja training offers an opportunity to wear the traditional ninja nightwear, the shinobi shozoku. Since most missions occur at night, don your all-black gear and prepare to learn the wisdom of the ninjas!

Sword skills in Kyoto at Ninja DOJO and Store

Breathe like a ninja

Once you look the part, it’s time to start acting like it! Learn the nine kuji-in, phrases and hand signals that ninjas use for energy and protection. Once you know these, you’ll never be intimidated before big meetings or presentations ever again!

Take deep controlled breaths, preparing for the training that lies before you!

Learning the nine kuji-in at Kyoto Ninja DOJO and Store

Walk like a ninja

Because ninjas perform their operations at night, it’s important to be very sneaky and very quiet! Learn how to avoid spiky obstacles in the dark. And practice your balance by attempting to ninja walk with a bottle of sake on your head!

Learn to walk like a ninja in Kyoto

Gimmick and trap

Hidden doors, trick walls… this dojo has it all! Practice keeping your eyes on the enemy while slipping, noiselessly behind a revolving false door. (I failed this lesson and added on a spin – taking my eyes off the enemy.)


Shuriken means “hidden hand blade” and can refer to either a throwing star or a single bladed throwing instrument.

Throw real metal throwing stars at a target and use chopsticks in place of a single-bladed shuriken. If I was a ninja, these would be my weapons of choice! I had a blast trying these techniques!

Practice throwing stars in Kyoto

Ninja sword and dagger

Have you ever used a sword before? No? Well.. by the end of this ninja training in Kyoto, you’ll master the ninja sword in the DARK!

Practice unsheathing your sword and finding your “enemy” with the lights off!

Ninja lessons in Kyoto

Blow darts

How often do you get the chance to try blow darts? If you’re anything like me, the answer’s never! But at the Ninja Dojo and Store, you’re given wooden spikes with a suction cup at the end to shoot at a target, using only the power of your lungs.

At close range, I was pretty good at this one, but at further distances, my aim was so bad!

Bring a ninja relic home with you

The Ninja Dojo and Store is part museum and part store. If you (or another ninja-fanatic in your life) need a souvenir, this is the best place to get it! Just be sure to check your airline’s rules before bringing a shuriken or sword with you on the plane!

Ninja relics in Kyoto at Ninja DOJO and Store

If you’re looking for a real ninja training, Kyoto’s Ninja Dojo and Store is the place to be! Their classes offer new skills, unique insight into the ninja culture and a whole lot of fun! It’s a perfect way to balance stealth and activity with a trip that’s full of kawaii treats!

Kids as young as five can begin their real ninja training at the Ninja Dojo and Store. And as you can see, it’s also a whole lot of fun for a 30-something-year-old woman, too! This unique activity was a highlight of my time in Kyoto and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in an activity you can only try in Japan!

Convinced to take a ninja lesson? Book your class here!

Note: Ninja DOJO and Store hosted me for this experience. All opinions are my own and I’ll never recommend anything to you that’s not awesome!

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