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Party like Ed Sheeran in Queenstown

Let me start by saying I am not a stalker. I know what you’re thinking… “if she has to make a claim like that, this is going to be a stalk-tastic post.” And you’re a little bit right about that, because I’m going to tell you how to party like Ed Sheeran in Queenstown.

Here’s what happened. In May 2016, Ed Sheeran showed up in Queenstown while he was traveling in New Zealand. It was soon after he had dropped off the face of the earth— no phone, no social media. So you may be asking how I know an intimate detail like someone’s travel plan.

2 years since I ditched my phone x

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Well, there’s this Facebook group in Queenstown that’s generally used as a place to buy/sell cars and clothes, rent rooms and occasionally air a public grievance. Not so on May 9, 2016. That night, our 25,000+ Facebook group took a break from our regularly scheduled chatter to become paparazzi and reporters. From the comfort of my home, I watched as seemingly normal human beings became the biggest fangirls and fanguys, reporting Ed Sheeran’s every move.

And because I love y’all (and want to celebrate Ed Sheeran’s new album killing it with NINE songs in the Top 10 chart), I’m going to share how you can party like Ed Sheeran in Queenstown according to the word on the street. And by street, I mean Facebook. Because everything there is true(ish).


It all started with this post on Facebook. At first, Queenstowners seemed to think it was a joke, but soon the group was abuzz with speculations of where he would go next.

Ed Sheeran in Queenstown at Winnie's

I have NO idea what Ed ate… but if you’re going to visit, I recommend the Mexican Fiesta or Moroccan Lamb pizzas. Chase them down with a famous Winnie’s Skittles shot.

Habana Rum Bar

One of the things I love most about Queenstown is that it’s a tiny town. The newspaper is people-focused, which is how something like a fan’s selfie with Ed Sheeran at Habana became news.

This cozy bar is a perfect spot for conversation and cocktails. It’s a stylish haven amidst the party bars in town and the staff is amazing! I know it’s a rum bar, but my favorite thing there is the Patrón XO Café.


I have never been to Skybar in Queenstown, but the Internet says that Ed Sheeran’s been there. The internet also says it’s an upscale DJ lounge, which explains why I never made it there… sounds like a place for people who are not on a backpacker’s budget!

Shotover Canyon Swing and Canyon Fox

Anyone who visits Queenstown knows it’s THE place for adrenaline activities. And although Sheeran is fearless when it comes to tackling tough topics through his lyrics, he was not quite as keen on the Canyon Swing. In a recent interview, he was asked about his year off and said “Uhhh I mean the worst moment was being in Queenstown and being like ‘do you know what? I’m going to do the Canyon Swing. That sounds like something I’d enjoy’.” He continued on, saying “I thought that would cure my [fear of] heights…and I was like ‘when in Rome’ ’cause if you’re in Queenstown and you don’t do something extreme like what’s the point in going …unless you have a Ferg Burger which are pretty awesome”

Fergburger at The Sundeck

Which brings us to the infamous Fergburger. If you are Ed Sheeran, you can take your Fergburger up to The Sundeck to eat in (relative) peace. If you’re not… well, you’re just going to have to wait in line with the rest of the tourists or choose another restaurant for cheap eats in Queenstown.

The Sweet Wanderlust Tip: Skip the line like a celeb by calling in your order.

White Tiger Tattoo

In addition to eating and drinking his way through Queenstown, Ed Sheeran paid a visit to White Tiger Tattoo for a permanent souvenir. He commissioned a new tattoo and a whale’s tail greenstone carving to commemorate his time in New Zealand.

White Tiger is a family-owned business that’s been around since 1987. And how classy is tattoo artist, Scott Mcfarlane, who declined to divulge Sheeran’s new ink, saying tattoos are “private and personal.” Mcfarlane was careful to plan the tattoo in secret, ensuring Sheeran’s appointment wouldn’t be interrupted by crazy fans. A class act and some sweet tattoos… if I was in the market for another tattoo, I’d be calling White Tiger!

And that’s where the trail goes cold… Thank you Queenstown and the Facebook community for such vigilant Sheeran-spotting!

Have you ever met at celebrity? Tell me about it in the comments!

*Note: I don’t condone celebrity stalking… I just thought this would be a fun way to walk in Ed Sheeran’s footsteps (after giving him plenty of time to get away)!

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Party like Ed Sheeran in Queenstown


Saturday 15th of April 2017

Remember being in Queenstown when Taylor Swift visited for her video shoot. But came to know about that later :(

Keep hearing about celebrities visiting Queenstown regularly. I am pretty sure Queenstown is on the top of the list for many celebrities around the world.


Sunday 16th of April 2017

Unfortunately, I missed out on Taylor's visit! I would have loved to run into her!!


Wednesday 22nd of March 2017

Well, never been so close to celebrities. But I can imagine how it would be. I am not a fan either, don't get time to follow actually :) nevertheless, you have provided a very nice writeup

Travelling Tom

Wednesday 22nd of March 2017

Did a lot of partying in Queenstown whenever I went there! Great place to visit! Not the biggest fan of Ed, but would have been cool to see him, just to see what he's like in real life!

The Travel ninjas

Tuesday 21st of March 2017

Yes i have met a few celebrities . I went to university in Los Angeles and lived in that celebrity mecca for years. I met many movie stars, but the athletes were my favorites. I once shook hands with Shaq and Kobe. They were like giants. But really nice.

Carol @ Get There | Get Lost

Tuesday 21st of March 2017

Not really a fan, to be honest. He's super talented, though, I give him that. And it looks like the man knows how to party! :)