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Quarantined Instagrammers who will make you smile

The world is a crazy place right now. In this time of uncertainty, the internet can be a black hole of fear and negativity, causing otherwise sane people to panic buy hand sanitizer. 

Since the chances of us all putting our phones away during quarantine is more unlikely than finding toilet paper at the grocery store, I thought I’d put together a list of fellow quarantinees who are rocking their period of isolation. Some of the people on this list have been exposed to the virus (but thankfully haven’t shown signs of infection), others have recently returned from travels abroad, while others are working from home. 

I hope this list helps you discover a few more pockets of sunshine on the internet!

Quarantined Instagrammers whose stories are sure to make you smile! 


I love Annie F. Downs’ books and feel like we could maybe be BFFs in real life. Why, oh why, did we not meet when I lived in Nashville!?

She’s currently quarantined in her home after having contact with a friend who tested positive and is absolutely cracking me up with her stories. Is she talking to herself? Yes. And to invisible health department officials? Also yes. 

She’s got an amazing group of friends supporting her through this time… think dance parties outside her house and picnics on the front lawn (as she stays safely inside). 

Lest you think Annie is all arm sleeves of fake tattoos and giggles, she gets real about all the hard times and big feelings and faith struggles. 

Follow her journey at @anniefdowns on Instagram and listen to her Quarantine Podcast here


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Hannah and I met on Instagram and became friends at first like. We decided to become real life friends in Israel, and she flew in to celebrate Purim with me a week and a half ago. As government warnings were issued, we both booked flights home, and Hannah is now safely quarantined in her bedroom in Ottawa, Canada. 

Brittany and Hannah in Purim costumes

It’s Day 3 of quarantine for both of us, and she’s handling it well. From a battle cry of SNAAAACKS down the hall to her mom and brother to her new BFF, the Lysol wipes, I can’t wait to see how her quarantine plays out. 

Follow her @hannahlogan21 on Instagram and send all the love her way! During her quarantine, she’s not even allowed to pet Stella, her adorable pup.


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You might know Andrew Keenan-Bolger as Crutchie from Newsies or Jesse from Tuck Everlasting. I know him as one of my favorite Instagram friends with a penchant for puns and a thing for teal. 

Andrew’s recently taken up baking and I love his cooking show-style stories as he crowd sources his questions about the baking process. Every single one of his cakes has turned out gorgeous, and he’s inspired me to add baking to my quarantine checklist! 

He and his husband are adorable and they have the cutest Wheaten Terrier named Archie. Don’t miss his stories from New York!

Follow him @keenanblogger on Instagram!


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I think everything’s better with music… and the current situation is no exception. Tamar’s original song “If you wanted love” tells the tale of a grocery store run that leads to a hook up with the guy who bought the final package of toilet paper.

We all know it’s imperative to protect the elderly at this time, and Tamar’s latest, “It’s a shame that we can’t see Granny,” shines a light on this very important topic. But as the song goes on… we find that maybe a break from this particular Granny isn’t so bad after all! 

We can all use a laugh right now, and I’m looking forward to Tamar’s next song! 

Follow her @tamarbroadbent on Instagram. 


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Sophie is on lockdown in Paris, and I’m loving following her stories of the bright spots in her day. Smiles and waves are shared by neighbors from their respective balconies and she’s enjoying windowsill wine as she looks out over the city. She’s also journaling through this experience. I’m following her lead here and keeping track of my thoughts daily in my journal, too. 

This is a great time to invest in hobbies and side hustles, and Sophie is spending her time propagating plants for her spinoff account, @solo.succulents

Follow her Parisian homebound experience at @Sophieannenadeau on Instagram. 


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Helene is one of my favorite Texans, and she’s currently self-isolating in Dallas with her husband Michael. Her stories are an uplifting blend of memes, Tik Tok dances, blogging inspiration, and recently– power washing. Remember when cake decorating was *the* thing to watch on Instagram? Watching a driveway go from dirty to clean with the spray of a power washer might be the next big thing. 

Follow @heleneinbetween on Instagram.


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Jaycie is a first-year teacher and she is the QUEEN of color! With schools shut down, she’s working from her adorably colorful home. 

She’s making the best of a tough time as she teaches online, using her cat as a co-teacher and doing all she can to make online school fun for her littles. 

She’s keeping up her fitness routine, sharing her work from home meals, and inspiring her followers with spring fashion trends. 

Follow @jayciekathleen on Instagram! 


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Oh hey there! If you’re not following me on Instagram, I’d love it if you stopped by to say hello! I cut my time in Israel short, and now I’m spending the next 14 days in quarantine.

You can tune in to hear me attempt to learn ukulele, place bets on whether I can make two half gallons of Bluebell last 14 days, and drink wine while doing fitness-y stuff… all in a unicorn onesie! 

I’ve got a list of quarantine accomplishments I’m working my way through and I’d love it if you came along for the ride with me!

Follow me @thesweetwanderlust on Instagram. 


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Which bloggers and Instagrammers are keeping you company during this time of social distancing, self isolation and quarantine? Leave me a comment and let’s discover some new online friends during this crazy time. 

Stay well, stay kind, wash your hands and don’t touch your face!!

Robert Kulick

Saturday 21st of March 2020

Very fun. May as well make the best of a bad situation. Mor Sweet Wanderlust ukulele songs please!