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A Watersport for everyone in Exmouth, Australia

If you’ve looked at a map, you’ll know that Exmouth is surrounded by water. Naturally, most of the activities in town revolve around the ocean and it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, I met up with the guys at Ultimate Watersports who offer a taste of just about every water activity you can think of!

Ultimate Watersports Exmouth

From complete beginner to watersport pro, Ultimate Watersports offers something for everyone. I’ve rated each activity on a difficulty scale of 1-10 to help you know where to begin.


Difficulty level: 6

I first learned to wakeboard at summer camp when I was 12 years old, and fell in love with the sport. Over the years, I’ve wakeboarded as opportunities presented themselves, but unfortunately those are few and far between. I am comfortable with the basics, but am definitely not in control of where I’m going.

Thankfully, Ultimate Watersports’ owner, Lindsay Cannon is an expert wakeboarder and an even better teacher! He’s been wakeboarding for 9 years and has taught dozens of people through the years. He coached me through what I could improve on and encouraged me in what I was doing well. Wakeboarding takes some muscle and a good sense of timing, but Ultimate Watersports can teach first-timers or give experienced wakeboarders an awesome ride.

SUP Board

Difficulty level: 4

SUP boarding is low impact, but core strength and balance are key for this sport. I love SUP boarding through the waves and looking out for fish below.

Add a little difficulty by practicing yoga on a SUP board!

Ultimate Watersports Exmouth SUP board

Flyboard X

Difficulty level: 7

So far, my top life experiences have all occurred in the water. Just thinking about the times I’ve spent swimming with humpback whales, whale sharks and Hector dolphins make my heart go pitter-patter. And now I have another water activity to add to the ‘magic in the water list.”

We live in a time when you can get bacon-wrapped Nutella donuts delivered to your door in 15 minutes (if you live in a city) and adventurers can strap on some special boots and fly 10 meters above the water. We are most definitely living in the future.

Since I’d never attempted fly boarding before, I got the full experience, and I have to say, the guys at Ultimate Watersports are awesome teachers. They really take the time to ensure that you’ll succeed at fly boarding, beginning with demonstrations in the sand to steering practice in the water as you prepare to spread your wings.

This sport takes some major balance and any pointing or flexing of toes can lead to an intense wipeout. After one such crash, the Ultimate Watersports guys called me over to the jet ski for a coaching session and pep talk. After that, things seemed to click into place and I felt unstoppable!

Ultimate Watersports Exmouth flyboard X

Once you’re airborne, fly boarding reaches a whole new level it’s the most insane combination of peaceful and adrenaline-fueled fun I’ve ever experienced. Look around for wildlife in the water and catch a glimpse of a rainbow in the fly board spray.

Jet Skiing

Difficulty level: 4

If you’re a jet ski newbie, join a jet ski tour with Ultimate Watersports for 2.5 hours of fun. The Ultimate Watersports team leads adventurers out to the reef, where full-face snorkels are distributed for a mid-tour swim.

Prefer to explore on your own? Rent a couple jet skis for a day out on the water and design your own adventure!

I grew up jet skiing on lakes in Texas, and the waves in Exmouth were definitely a new thing for me. My first attempt was a whole lot of accelerating in all the wrong places, so I think a jet ski tour is my speed for the moment!

Full face snorkel

Difficulty level: 1

To find out if this is the sport for you, take this short quiz:

  • Can you swim?
  • Can you breathe out of your nose or mouth?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, then the full-face snorkel is for you.

The mask covers your full face (shocking, right?), so you can breathe normally, and the design of the snorkel prevents water from entering the tube.

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Pedalboard

Difficulty level: 2

The Hobie Pedalboard is a cross between a SUP board, a bike and an elliptical machine, and it’s a whole lot of fun! On a day when the waves are rolling and the wind is blowing, the pedalboard’s width and handlebars provide stability that a SUP board does not.

Ultimate Watersports Exmouth Hobie Mirage Eclipse Pedalboard


Difficulty level:2

Hold on tight and let the Ultimate Watersports team do all the hard work! These guys have perfected the art of giving tube riders a fun and exciting experience. From easy rides for the little ones to scream-inducing rides for the big kids, tubing can be enjoyed by everyone.

Exmouth Tubing Ultimate Watersports

Photo credit: Michael Josiah Muller of Mullermind Creative

Want to see these sports in action? Check out this awesome drone video from Mullermind Creative:

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A Watersport for everyone in EXMOUTH, AUSTRALIA

Disclaimer: The activities mentioned in this post were received free of charge. All opinions are my own, though, and I wouldn’t recommend anything to you that’s not awesome!



Saturday 29th of July 2017

Definitely the flyBoard for me! I've got to try that. I'd like to try the pedalboard as well. SUP is always fun... and jet skiing... I guess all of them! Looks like a great time.